Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, Now

Some time ago, it feels like it has been ages, I got to go out on a date on a Thursday night, with this lovely gentleman that I like to call my husband. I like to call him that because he is my husband. Heh.

I had a cold, but getting out on a date was fun any way. Then came Halloween, a birthday, All Saint's and the one year old got sick. Just as she was getting better, that cold I had had all along migrated into my chest and sinuses. Finally, after antibiotics, I'm healthy once more and can go back in time to tell you all about my date night.

When I was a kid, I would ask my dad about bands and music that seemed like it must have been from his time. Often he would deny all knowledge of it, saying,"That came out after your mom and I got married." As a kid, I thought this was crazy. Clearly, life didn't stop when one got married. How could one's ability to keep up with current music fall so quickly by the wayside?

Then I grew up and got married. Work and children, cooking meals and keeping house all quickly became my priorities. If I had extra cash, I wasn't heading out to buy the latest album with it. I finally understood my father and what he meant when he told me that getting married ended his interest in keeping up with the latest tunes and bands.

So when I got offered tickets to go see Five for Fighting (and go on a date) and I had to admit I had never heard of them. Being a homeschooling mama of five (whom I love very dearly, but am never apart from) I'm loathe to turn down a night out sans kidlets, even if I have no idea who I'm agreeing to go see.

My first surprise was to discover that Five for Fighting is not a group, but one man, John Ondrasik. Naturally, I was pleased to find out that he's got a great voice and a flare for capturing a kind of Americana in his music.

Being a Five for Fighting neophyte, I went into the concert cold. Everything was new to me. I wasn't disappointed and I think I've definitely become a fan. My favorite songs? "Slice," the title song from his new album, his ode to the family car "65 Mustang" and a song inspired by his daughter "I Just Love You."

Even though I've been married almost 12 years, I predict new music will be coming to my iPod soon and when my kids hit their teenage years and ask me about music from years gone by, perhaps I can redeem myself in their eyes and look a little cooler, at least for a few minutes.

Anyway, thanks to Alli and Barbara Jones of One2One Network for the chance to get out of the house sans kidlets and to spend a little time with my husband.


Tricia said...

Yay for a date night, esp out to a concert, how wonderful!! Glad you two had fun. You are reminding me that I truly cannot even remember the last time I went out on a date with that dude I call "my husband". methinks we should remedy that.

Amy said...

I will check him out on iTunes and maybe buy me some! Congrats on the night out. I'm getting two date nights this week! I hardly know how to act.

(One was to hear Archbishop Timothy Dolan speak at the Aquinas dinner Monday. He.was.awesome.)

Dan said...

And allow me to illuminate one detail - The "Five for Fighting" is a reference to the normal penalty assigned a hockey player for engaging in fisticuffs. Five minutes in the sin bin as they say.

Apparently Ondrasik is a hockey fan, which raises him immeasurably in my estimation.

Mary said...

I know what you mean about not staying current with music. I have had no idea who or what is going on since graduating from college. I remember loving his first single without really knowing who he was. I found out (and was impressed!)when National Review did an article on him a few months (?) back.

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