Thursday, January 07, 2010


Yesterday, the kids woke up to some golden chocolate coins left by the Wise Men and during our morning circle time, we sang We Three Kings, of course. I was inspired by this post of Karen Edmisten's to try making King's Bread. I didn't use her recipe, as good as it looked. Instead, I used the recipe for Panetonne from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, except that I braided it together and twisted it into a crown shape. When it was baked and cooled, I made a simple glaze of orange juice, lemon extract and powdered sugar and slathered the bread in it.

Needless to say, it was well received.


Lori said...

What a great way to celebrate the Epiphany! We will have to do something like that next year. I always want to do something but have never succeeded. Maybe next year.

SoccerNerdPunk said...

The picture is totally making me hungry. Breadmaking isn't something that I have ventured into doing yet besides banana bread and beer bread.

Jordana said...

I highly recommend the cookbook I mentioned for getting into bread baking. I've always been yeast-o-phobic, but have had very good success with their recipes.

Lenise said...


I have enjoyed re-discovering homemade bread since we got our oven. Our broiler pan seems to have gone to the dump with the old stove, but I haven't really noticed a difference. Wonderful yummy fresh bread!!

Karen E. said...

I used to be yeast-o-phobic too, but my desire to shovel bread into my mouth helped me to overcome my fears. I engage in such therapy regularly. :)

Your Epiphany bread looks great!

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