Friday, January 29, 2010

Quick Takes Friday


The snowpocalypse is upon us here in Tennessee. All the schools in the area are closed. I'm considering calling a short day here in our homeschool too. Even my husband's office is closed. It's obviously not that bad yet, but people down here can't drive in the snow and we are slated to get quite a bit of it today. Naturally, we'd had plans to go somewhere. I think we'll have to reschedule the babysitters.


In science this year, the kids are doing geology. Our topic for the week has been weathering and erosion. Yesterday on Youtube, I discovered this rather awesome song.


My husband's birthday was last week. I gave him a lovely icon of St. Justin Martyr. The kids gave him (their own idea and their own money) Grunt: Pigorian Chant by Sandra Boynton. I like to think we got both the sacred and the profane pretty well covered with those.


If you haven't run across it yet, go read Elizabeth Foss's post "I'm Sorry I Can't Do That." It is an excellent lesson I'm having to learn and relearn all the time.


I added some new links to my way too long list of blogs I like to read. Am I missing yours?


Took the kids to the violin shop last weekend to find out what size violins they need now. Violins are sort of like shoes. Kids outgrow them and never let you know. The seven year old needs a quarter-size and the oldest can move right up from his current half-size to a full-size. I think I'll probably buy something on eBay, because the violins listed around here on Craigslist are a lot more expensive and I'd have to drive all over creation to get one. Of course, both kids have reached the one year mark with playing and would be more than happy to quit. I don't want to make them carry on with an instrument that they hate, but at the same time I'd like to aim for some level of proficiency. Do you let kids quit activities the moment they dislike them?


Next week is the Blissdom conference. I'm looking forward to going and hoping it won't be too overwhelming for one who sometimes looks for a corner to hide in when confronted with a big crowd. Everyone else is posting fashion posts about what they are going to wear. I'm just hoping something fits over the expending belly. I'm about 15 weeks along, but I know people who look like this a week or two before they deliver. Sigh.

More Quick Takes to be found at Jen's place.


Diane said...

Yay for an expanded blogroll; I like reading the ones to which you've linked.

No instrument is fun to play when you are still learning, and violin is one of the harder ones to learn. Is it all music-producing things they hate, or specifically the violin?

Had to laugh at the sacred and profane gifts - too perfect!

This Heavenly Life said...

We're in the middle of a snowpocolypse right now, too. Yup, we were forecast at having 3or 4 inches overnight and we woke up to...a dusting. School was cancelled. I do love watching it fall, though. There's nothing quite like a snowstorm for peaceful beauty, I think.

I'd never heard of that Sandra Boynton book before!

Jenny said...

We survived (are surviving) snowpocolypse...great name for it! I love the birthday gifts!

Herb of Grace said...

Huh. I don't think I ever realized your kids play violin :) I teach, so I'm interested. If you're in the market for buying new instruments (well, new-used) I recommend New Creation Music (dot com). They are a family business that buys, refurbishes and sells instruments. My family has bought several instruments from them over the years and be quite happy with them :)

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