Monday, January 04, 2010

Return to Normalcy

Today my husband is back at work for the first time since Christmas Eve. The kids did school for the first time in a while. Really, we haven't done many normal school days since Advent began. Violins were practiced. Math was done. Reading lessons and spelling quizzes returned.

Our Christmas tree remains up until the real Epiphany on Wednesday (or more likely until Saturday) but the air of Christmas and holiday freedoms have faded away.

I'll miss sleeping in and having my husband to keep me company, but I think getting back to the every day and ordinary has a certain pleasure to it. Leaving the routines behind for a bit makes me look forward to rediscovering them.

Are you back to the grind, did you ever leave or like some of my college professor friends can you goof off for another week or so?


Anonymous said...


We went to Nashville this weekend and saw a law school classmate who told us you and Justin had crossed the Tiber. Glory to God in the Highest!

Here is my story:

Diane said...

Back to the grind, though our students don't begin classes until 1/19 (and thus, very few professors are on campus either; I kind of like the quiet).

Routine can be a good thing.

Lori said...

We are back to the grind and very glad for it. So much so that yesterday we got up early to get ready for work, packed all four kids a lunch, got then dressed for school, sent the two oldest to school with the husband, and finally I grab the youngest two and head to their "school" so I could go to work only to arrive there to find out that there was no school yesterday.

We'll just call it a practice run for the rest of the school year.

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