Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick Takes


Things underwear designers never think of: some of my 3 year old's underwear have a picture on the backside. Therefore, he insists on wearing them backwards so that he can see the picture when his pants are off. That can't be comfortable.


Jo-Lynne helped me add this third column to my blog yesterday. I like that everything doesn't scroll way off down the page as much, but I think it might be cluttery. How does it look to you? My husband suggests that I shorten the blogroll, but I happen to love my blogroll (and everyone on it -- not to mention all the people I visit and forget to put on it).


Any remedial math teachers out there? I've been noticing for a long while that math is just not my seven year old's forte. Drama, yes. Math, no. She learns things and forgets them immediately. She can't see why it is obvious that the answer to 11-7 is not 10. She's about a year behind in math already and she's only in second grade. At least by homeschooling, we can plug away at her speed.

Having had some experience with one of my brothers being a math incompetent, my mother sent me an article on dyscalculia. It was quite enlightening and I think it explains a lot, including why learning violin isn't going well for her either (even though she can whistle anything). This has sent me on a trail of reading over the past few days. It seems that many people recommend Math-U-See for those with trouble, which is what she has always used. My daughter does do pretty well if she builds everything with blocks, but otherwise she isn't doing all that well with the program. But maybe she'd do worse with something else. I am having trouble figuring out what to do with her for next year. If the best program out there doesn't work, then what?


I had a check up at the OB's office yesterday. There's a little person in there. It's a weird time in pregnancy, because other than my belly already being enormous and my being constantly starved, I don't feel all that pregnant.

My next check up will include an ultrasound. I'm not planning on finding out whether this one is a boy or a girl, though it is always a bit tempting.


Lent is coming up. Last year my family gave up meat for the whole of Lent. I have realized that I just can't do that this year. I seem to need a lot of protein with this pregnancy and I find myself craving meat all the time. As I mentioned in the comments at Kate's site, my plan for myself is to go on a day time internet fast. I think for me that will be a lot harder than giving up meat was last year, but if, as I plan to do, I can learn to fill that time with more productive things like prayer, it will be a very good experience. But don't expect to hear from me quite as often or as fast.


I realized something shocking on Facebook yesterday. Those people I didn't have anything in common with way back when? I still have nothing in common with. Amazing, I know!


My little brother is learning to be a classical artist. He's pretty amazing after several years of study. I'd love to have him paint my children some day, but he insists they have to learn to sit still first. That's not going to be happening any time soon, sadly. Anyway, my brother's website doesn't seem to have any of his most recent stuff, but these things are beautiful. (Warning though -- classical painters paint a lot of nudes. So if that bothers you, be forewarned.)

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Herb of Grace said...

Oh boy! I just read that Wiki article and I am encouraged! We have similar issues with my daughter-- who is an extremely creative, imaginative, dramatic, slightly spacy, left-handed dancer. She's had difficulty with basic math functions since the beginning, although her terrific memory seems to carry her along well through the early stages for each level (memorizing easy addition/subtraction/mult answers, even though she has NO concept of what she's actually doing).

My hubby is a math teacher and has helped me out a LOT with "hands-on" practices and manipulatives. He HIGHLY recommends Math-U-See and we've done a kind of home-made version of that with Sofi all along.

Amy said...

I love #6. (Same here.)

I like the look of the blog! Two ideas: Set it to show two posts at once, that way the blog roll won't keep rolling along next to a bunch of white space. Or, you can backdate a post titled "Blogroll" and put all the links there, and then just put a button on the front page that links to that post. I do that for Weekly Winners and Mouthwatering Monday.

This Heavenly Life said...

I like the third row! I agree with Amy, that you could do a list with a backdated post and just link to it. You could even separate them into categories like, My favorite bloggy writers, Friends, Funny blogs, Homeschool blogs, etc. But I still don't mind seeing the entire list on your front page. I'm often led to a new place just by seeing it on someone else's list. So I guess it's 6 to one, half-dozen to the other :)

Amen to the Facebook realization. Some people have changed, but...most haven't. And especially when they write like this: where do u want 2 b when ur 40 yrs old? I'm like, 'Maybe you want to be in a spelling class..."

Rae said...

I love the way you put your facebook realization. It is so odd to me that everyone seems to "friend" everyone, even when no one really cares. What is that?

And I do not normally like lots of columns, but this look seems fine.

Anonymous said...

When I was a church-goer I always prefered to add something meaningful to my life during lent rather than just depriving myself of harmless or even beneficial things that I enjoyed. I know this may not be feasible since you have so many children, but perhaps you could volunteer somewhere during the free time that the internet fast will leave you.

I'm not knocking prayer; it can be an introspective alone time which we all need from time to time but other than that I don't see anything "productive" about prayer at all.


Kathy said...

Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Facebook! I've refused to get on it; I've kept in touch with the people I was really interested in keeping in touch with, and I've lost touch with a lot of people I had little in common with in the first place, which is how I'd rather it stay. Just a curmudgeon, I guess! ;)

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