Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday or Getting Ready for Lent

I meant to make pancakes for breakfast this morning, but I slept in a bit and so that didn't happen. I made them for lunch instead and was greeted with cries of, "Mom, this is the best lunch ever!"

This evening, I set some bread to rising, because if you are going to be eating only one real meal on Ash Wednesday, you ought to have some good, sturdy bread to help you along. This is the Vollkorn Brot recipe from the Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day book. And don't you like my improvised heat lamp to help the dough along in my frigid house?

While the bread was rising, we burned last year's palms from Palm Sunday and the kids all colored pages with the word Alleluia on them. We sang Alleluia one more time and then hid the pictures until Easter.

Tomorrow we'll do some readings about Lent and Ash Wednesday as part of our school day and go to Mass in the evening. As I mentioned before, part of my personal discipline this year will be staying off the computer during the day while the kids are up. So if you need me, expect to hear from me in the evenings and any posting I do around here will either be at night or set to publish at a later day time hour.

1 comment:

Janis Gore said...

Did you try the deli rye or pumpernickel from the first book?

I'm eyeing the deli rye for my next trial.

We really like the European peasant loaves. That will most likely be my standard recipe here.

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