Friday, February 19, 2010

A Very Late Quick Takes


So far, I have actually managed successfully to stay off the internet during the day. On Ash Wednesday, I woke up wanting check my e-mail before even getting out of bed. The temptation was huge. By evening, I think I was going through computer withdrawal, and I was grumpy. Yesterday was a bit easier. Today was busy enough, with activities for the kids away from home all morning, that there was only a short window when I was craving my internet fix. Needless to say, anyone that addicted to checking in on the internets needed a break.


When I told my kids that I had chosen to stay off the computer during the day as part of my Lenten fast, my seven year old clapped. Obviously they need a mother with a face other than a computer screen.


I haven't officially signed up for the Faith and Family challenge to rid my home of 40 bags of clutter in 40 days, but being offline has encouraged me to do some decluttering. I went through and got rid of a few things from my closet (though I could stand to do a lot more), sorted out some duplicate books or ones I don't want any more, and am hoping to do plenty more sorting and editing of the stuff around here. It's always liberating to get rid of stuff (except when I start looking for something only to realize I gave it away). D'oh!


I just started definitely feeling the wee one wiggling now and then. I might have been feeling some movement for a while, but now it is getting pretty definite. My favorite part of pregnancy!


To go with my favorite part of pregnancy, I've also developed many of my least favorites. Heartburn. Insomnia. Faintness when standing still too long or when kneeling. Nose bleeds. And many other unpleasant things that I'm not going to mention. I suppose one must take the bad with the good.


The next two weeks are going to be quite busy with my husband's schola singing for 4 different Masses (a regular Novus Ordo Mass, an Extraordinary Form Mass, the Ordination Mass for our parish's deacon, and then for his First Mass at our parish). I am in charge of planning and executing a luncheon after the First Mass for our newest diocesan priest and the same morning, my second grader, who will be receiving her First Holy Communion this year, will be making her first Confession. Plus, we have regular things like a children's symphony concert, a birthday party for a friend, and school, of course. I suppose it is just as well that I am planning not to be distracted by the cyber-world.


I got a new cell phone last week. My husband and I both did, actually. Our phones were both almost 3 years old. Mine had stopped charging (the battery would claim to be charged after about 15 seconds but would be dead after one phone call) and my husband's phone was constantly turning itself off and on, making it almost impossible to use. As much as I really, really, really wanted a smart phone of some kind, the reality is that that was definitely not a need. So we got some plain phones that were only $10 each after all their specials and whatnot. But I did get mine in red. Some things are just fun.

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