Friday, March 12, 2010

Quick Takes


I had the usually mid(ish) pregnancy ultrasound. Looks like a baby in there. Despite temptation to vary from my normal routine of not finding out the sex, I chose not to find out whether this one will be a wild boy or a high maintenance girl. However, if the temptation proves too great, I'll have another opportunity. Unfortunately, they did find one slight variation from the norm that they want to check on. Everything else was normal and from what I can tell on Google, usually with no other abnormal signs, everything will be fine. Not that I'm not paranoid, but it's not worth worrying over right now either.


Trying not to worry aside, I would certainly appreciate prayers that Adams 6.0 will be just fine.


I've been reading Catholic Home Schooling this week. Although there are some interesting points in the book, I'm getting very, very tired of the fact that it is mostly just one long advertisement for one particular Catholic homeschooling curriculum.

And I don't really agree with the premise that the best way to make religion part of all life is to throw in saint references in all books. I'm much more interesting in finding the sources that work best for my children and not ones that just artificially stick in Catholic references. It seems to me that if one is living a Christian life and making that a regular part of every day, that one can do just fine with a math book that doesn't want you to calculate the distance a nun can drive in five minutes and 33 miles per hour. It seems to me that making a visit to some Sisters would do more to make the Religious part of life than sticking them in a math problem.

There is probably a happy medium out there and I may just be squeamish, since I certainly didn't grow up in a Catholic home surrounded by these things. What do you think is the best way to make one's religion part of life and not just one class shuttled off into a corner?


Speaking of religion, I'm being a slacker tonight and keeping the two littlest home while my husband and the older kids are at Stations of the Cross. I found the first Friday in Lent that I got faint if I tried walking around and kneeling. The second week, I spent in the vestibule with the youngest who was being very loud. Since then, I've chickened out and stayed home. Today the two youngest got no naps, and I couldn't bear the thought of dealing with them.


Being a slacker, I'm letting the three year old watch videos until everyone else gets home. He chose Dora over Thomas, and is doing all the actions requested by Dora. Dora is most annoying, but watching the Boy is entertaining.


Why are new books so exciting? I put in an order for a few books for this school year and next and even though they aren't really for me, I'm excited and can't wait for them to arrive.


I passed by a Baptist church building today. On their sign was a cross, on the cross were written the words "There's a place for you." Does that mean you too can get crucified if you go to that church?

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Lenise said...

I will be praying for 6.0, along with my sister's 1.0 :) I neglected my Lenten discipline Thursday morning, since I felt like God would rather I get 4 hours of sleep than 2 and not be horrible to my children, who were all recovering from a stomach bug. If you're naughty, I'm incorrigible. Of course, no one ever talks about Presbyterian guilt ;)

Hen Jen said...

hope you feel better soon, and that the faintness goes away! Praying for peace for you over worry about the baby.

your #7 made me laugh!

happy Friday!

Hen Jen said...

I forgot...#5- I cannot stand Dora, let my youngest watch her once and I thought I was going to dig out my ears with my own hands! that voice!

This Heavenly Life said...

I'm still laughing over #7 :)

And praying for baby 6.0. Your newest little one might just be trying not to let this time settle into old, boring patterns: a trailblazer!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Praying for the baby! Keep us updated!

I can guess which curriculum it is in #3. I went to a Catholic homeschool conference where it was just that over and over and over. Augh.

Kathy said...

On #3: I returned that book to the Catholic bookstore after only reading the preface. They were a bit offended that I didn't adore it.

Although I appreciate the saint stories woven into, say, Seton's English program, I couldn't stand their science book.

Look at the bright side: our state homeschooler organization is predominantly evangelical and very heavily into creationism. Their how-to binder had a huge section devoted to Bible quotes to justify spending time on each and every subject, including math!

Patty said...

Hope your pregnancy goes great, I think I would go crazy not knowing if it was going to be a boy or a girl!

Lucy said...

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We’d love to have you join the fun and share your stories. I’m sure that you have some real gems!

In Christ,

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