Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Favorite Orthodox Jewish Gun Dealer (Not that I have ever met the man)

Although I don't actually post to it, I do read and keep tabs on what is going on in my neighborhood through the large neighborhood listserv. Although most of the my neighbors are far more "progressive" than I am, and the political discussions that sometimes pop up on the neighborhood list generally have me rolling my eyes, there is one voice on there that I almost always agree with. He's fearless and ruthless when he gets going, and skewers more than a few of the progressives when he gets going.

And as it turns out, he, Bill Bernstein, is an Orthodox Jew and the proprietor of the local gun shop.

I've yet to go gun shopping myself, but I know where I'd go if I wanted one.

So Skinny Dan, if the urge to get away from Noo Yawk ever gets strong enough, I know just where to introduce you around.


Dan said...

Hmmm - now I just need to find out about kosher restaurants and there may be something to this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I wear the label Glorious Bastard with pride. Feel free to stop by my very non PC discussion board anytime. tncivilsociety

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