Monday, March 01, 2010


Hey, it's like Friday Quick Takes on a Monday!
The seven year old made it through her First Confession. On the day before, she typed up a list of everything she wanted to say to the priest. Afterward, she came out smiling and hurried out after saying her penance for the special sprinkle doughnuts we had waiting for all those making First Confession that morning. She says she wants to go weekly, which means we may all have to get up and out the door earlier on Sunday mornings, but it might mean I get to go more often too. Our parish is blessed to have Confession offered before every Mass, and I try to go twice a month or so, at least, but sometimes getting to church with enough time to spare, and hoping the line isn't too long, means I don't always get to.
I survived the First Mass receptions for our new priest. We had enough food and almost enough seating. It was crowded and for about 5 minutes I regretted not renting a tent for the overflow, but most people were able to squeeze in and find a place to sit down eventually. I definitely couldn't have made it through without the help of my co-president in our Women's Group and all the other people I delegated work to. I think there is a lesson there -- don't try to do it all by yourself!
Tonight the three year old was standing in the living room, holding a sheet of square note chant music and singing, "W, X, Kyrie. Now I know my Kyrie. Won't you come and sing with me."
What can one really say after that image?

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Anonymous said...

I admire her enthusiasm.

Congrats on making it through! Just think, when all those kids start getting married, you'll be practically professional at this.


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