Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick Takes


I watch various friends fall wholesale into the cult of food. I'm not immune to it, but I tend to be something of a skeptic as well. I grow a big garden, buy a cow from the local Mennonites and make a lot of stuff from scratch, but mostly I do these things because they are cheaper, not because I'm convinced of their making me feel better or live forever.

Along with my natural curmudgeonly nature on the subject, I remember several years ago talking to a friend about the fact that for most of the world, eating fruits and vegetables and having enough to eat were far more important concerns than our rich people worries about whether our food is local and organic. Which is not to say that I care to argue with or worry too much about what others are doing to change their eating habits for health or other reasons.

Being a normal sort of person wanting vindication of all my brilliant theories and philosophies, I always like running across an article that backs me up.


But being a some what crunchy person, once in a while, I do like hanging my clothes out to dry when the weather is nice. Unfortunately, this morning the wind blew over my smaller drying rack and broke it. Which means, until I get my husband to fix it or we get a new drying rack, I get to use the redneck drying system by throwing things on all available patio furniture. I am sure my neighbors love me.


The school year is coming to a close around here, although as usual, none of the books are coming out even. The oldest finished his last lesson in his main math book this week, leaving only a unit test and final exam for next week. He has a supplementary math book he's reading and working through, but he'd finish that in an afternoon if I let him. I had to cut him off after 5 chapters yesterday.

The younger two have more complicated math situations. The older of the two only finished her first grade math book a month or so ago, so she's only on the tenth lesson in the book I had intended for her to use this year. Even when we're done with school, she'll be working on math for the summer. The Kindergartner finished her Kindergarten book early and so is on lesson 10 of her first grade book. I may or may not have her keep working through the summer. She enjoys it, and far be it for me to not allow her to do any math.

The second grader did just finish her handwriting book and has begun cursive, which pleases her. I suppose we may have to keep that up in the summer as well, so that she doesn't forget what she's learning.


If you haven't figured it out from my last several posts, I am already very tired of being pregnant. Unfortunately for me, I have another three or so months to go. I have no idea how I'm going to hold on that long -- and don't remind me that my children tend to prefer arriving late to arriving early.


The other night in a bout of insomnia that found me wide awake at 3 in the morning, I started reading Mansfield Park which I haven't read in a long, long time. It wasn't the best book to put me back to sleep, but I am enjoying the development of the various characters. I think I know a few Mrs. Norrises, always willing to offer advice as long as it costs them little. I need to try and remember not to be one.


Conversation with the three year old:

"Mom, I need your help going potty!"

I rush to the bathroom and help him aim, and I ask, "Do you need to go poo?"

"No. I just had a flatulence."


Pray for Charlotte and her family today.

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Busy Mom said...

"Cult of Food" is so much more polite than my term for it.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Well, I'm sure I'm one of the ones of which (of whom?) lol you speak in #1. I think about this a lot. I even wrote a post, Food is Not My Religion, because I fear the slippery slope.

When I read Pollan's book last summer and started eating more whole foods and reducing the processed, I had no idea it was as trendy as it was/is becoming. And I admit that sometimes I'm annoyed at its trendiness. And yet, it's an important topic (or at least I think it is) so I guess I should be glad it's a topic of conversation.

For me, it's personal, because after improving my eating habits, I improved my quality of life immensely. I don't care to live forever, but I would like to feel good while I'm here. I didn't change my eating habits knowing that would happen, but it did, and I am so thankful.

It's hard not to feel passionate about something that has made such a positive change in one's own life, and I write about my life, so there it is.

But I do think it is important to keep everything in perspective, so in that, I agree with you.

On a lighter note, "No. I just had a flatulence." -- LOL!!!!

Kathy said...

I'm so glad someone else has a "redneck clothes dryer", too! My husband has finally quit rolling his eyes over my little clothesline strung across the deck (thus sort of, technically, obeying the stupid homeowners' association ban on clotheslines that can be seen above fences).

mrsdarwin said...

but mostly I do these things because they are cheaper, not because I'm convinced of their making me feel better or live forever

Yes! Yes!

Emily J. said...

Had to laugh at the redneck clothesline too - familiar. We've had official, mostly concealed clotheslines at a couple of our houses, but the only sunny spot now is the side yard - so my neighbors get to see how often my five yr old wets the bed when I fling the sheets over the fence.

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