Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring and Gardening

I look forward to spring, to growing things and getting my hands muddy. I'll never be a hand or foot model, going barefoot through the mud and grass, digging glove-less in the dirt, but it pleases me.

Less so this year though, I'm afraid. When I sit, it's hard to rise. When I bend over, I get heartburn. I want a garden, but I don't want to do the work. This summer, I'm focused mostly on the growing creature inside and not the garden outside.

The flowers are what they are. I'm not adding to them this year. We've been paying the kids to rip out the bishop's weed quickly strangling the flower beds. Sadly, that also means fewer flowers, because I should note that five and seven year olds are not entirely discriminating in weeds versus lilies.

We went last weekend to the farmer's market and bought most of our vegetable garden plants and my husband has been working at preparing the soil and putting them in the ground. I put in the basil and stuck some mint in a pot. I'm going to grow almost exactly the same things I grow every year, except I added some dill to the herbs I bought. Today I finally sprinkled in the carrot seeds I meant to plant a month ago. At least the blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and plums are doing nicely without any effort from me.

When it comes time to harvest and store things, I think I may have to find incentives, monetary or otherwise, to get the rugrats to do the work. I am just getting too tired.


nicole said...

My husband planted a salsa garden. I told him he could plant whatever he wanted since I had no intention of taking care of it! I'll be focused on the baby. I would like some flowers some day though, in our front and back. I've been slowly gathering information about what might stand a chance in our climate. I am in love with hydrangeas and they might actually do okay, if I ever get around to buying some and planting them!

Herb of Grace said...

I am in the exact same boat this year! I forget how far along you are, but I'm twenty weeks now and bending over just gets harder and harder! Luckily for the sale of our house, my dear sister has been here for the week helping me get things under control in the yards. Thank God for family!

Rebecca said...

I enjoyed reading this post. Your second paragraph felt poetic, even. Best to you.

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