Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fifth grade book list for 2010-2011

I've been busily planning my curriculum choices for next year. Usually, we start our new school year in July. At this point, with a baby due in the summer sometime, I doubt we'll actually begin until September this year, but I want to have my resources bought and my plans made before the baby arrives. Otherwise, I have my doubts about whether anything will ever get done.

I figure I'll break these into separate posts. Here's my booklist for the oldest, who will be technically in fifth grade next year. Note: this does not include all literature that will be assigned, although between Novel Inquiries and History Odyssey there are already a lot of books included.

Language Arts:




Art History



The boy is also taking piano and violin, we'll do something for art and he'll continue with Latin, although I don't know what book he'll be using for that yet.

Looking for a third grade booklist? Go here.

Looking for a first grade booklist? Go here.


Andy said...

When you find out what book he's using for Latin next year, let me know. ;)

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

How do you like History Odyssey? We want to do ancient history school year after next, and my boys will be in 5th & 6th grade then.

Jordana said...

Angie, I haven't used History Odyssey yet, so I don't know how my son will like it, but looking through it, I like the concept very much. I bought the pdf version and have really liked being able to modify assignments to use books we already own instead of buying every single book on their list.

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