Monday, May 03, 2010

One More Flood Post

One doesn't wish to engage in navel-gazing (as if anyone would do that on a blog!) but this video of some of the flooding is not only beautiful, but also happens to be not far from where I live and go to church. In fact, many of the images, were shot just a few hours after we tried to go to Mass, driving down the same road (only to find that our priest couldn't make it). When we drove through, the road had water on it, but was drivable, a few hours later the road and the Farmer's Market on the low ground were flooded with 5-6 feet of water. Our parish was, as far as I know, undamaged.


melissa said...

And you know what's so sweet? Folks just keep on, keeping on. We're so resilient.

Love the music as the background of the video. Perfect. :)

Lenise said...

I am so glad you and all the family have come through the floods OK. We were at W&L all weekend, in a different world really. It's back to reality- I'm just thankful our reality isn't catastrophic!

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