Friday, May 07, 2010

Quick Takes -- Flood Edition


Just in case, you hadn't heard, we had a spot of weather last weekend.


I am very happy to say that I really have no personal flood stories. Our basement got a trickle of water in it, where it always gets a trickle through a doorway we need to rip off and fix. Our garage also got a puddle of water in through the door. If we ever sell this place, I think we made add "DID NOT FLOOD IN 2010" to the important sales descriptions.


Many of my friends are less fortunate and have far too many flood stories to share. Friends from church, whose house backed up to the Harpeth River had their house submerged under water. They escaped and some of their household goods have been saved, but most of their stuff is gone. And they are fairly fortunate, because they have a place to live in for now and a lot of church people to help. Many people don't even have that.


In fact, despite Nashville being a two river town (not to mention all the creeks) only about 4,000 people had flood insurance. I suspect that the government taking over flood insurance hasn't actually helped encourage more people to buy it.


If anyone should be inclined to help out, you can make donations to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, this friend of mine's parents and grandmother, who both lost houses with all their contents and had no flood insurance (that one is a Paypal link) or e-mail me (jordana at sluggy dot net) to make a donation to my church friends or to send gift cards that I can distribute to them.


Seeing pictures of the flooded Opryland Hotel, where Blissdom was so recently held, the Symphony Hall, where we were at a concert not long ago, and our Farmer's Market that I had just bought herbs and vegetable plants at, is still so unreal. Seeing pictures on the news of floods in other cities is not at all like seeing water (and now mud) covering places I go to all the time. Getting out and driving around, seeing the destruction first hand, makes me want to tear up.


In the meantime, Nashville is under severe water restrictions. One of our two water treatment plants was flooded. We've been asked to cut our water use by half.We've been using a lot of paper plates and plasticware, not bathing and other less than pleasant stuff. And all I really want to do in this very hot time is take a nice long bath and let the kids run in the sprinkler. But those things wait. Just don't stand down wind of me right now.

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Meredith said...

Oh, me, too, with the smell. I can hardly stand to sniff MYSELF.

I'll bet that beautiful bathtub must be awfully tempting! I put all 3 kids in a shallow bath today and then scooped the remaining water for my plants. I know I should have used it to flush toilets but my just-planted roses are going to die without it.

mrsdarwin said...

I think the Anchoress made the point that although Nashville was a disaster area like Katrina, the media doesn't seem to care when middle America suffers a catastrophic disaster. Phooey on them.

I'm glad to hear that you guys survived mostly unscathed. And I'm glad we saw Nashville before the deluge -- I hope it recovers and rebuilds quickly.

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