Friday, May 21, 2010

Quick Takes Friday


We're home from a morning trip to the allergist. We went in to see if he could figure out why my seven year old is randomly having itching all over her body. We know she has eczema and we always avoid things like scented detergents and soaps that set her off, but recently she's been miserable and scratching herself like crazy. Sadly, it wasn't all that much help. She's not allergic to pollens, molds, the foods he tested, dogs or cats. She is allergic to dust mites, but that's the only thing she reacted to on the scratch test. A good thing, even if it leaves unanswered itching and even though it means I'm going to have to start washing her sheets in hot water.


Okay, an allergy to dust mites means I suppose I also need to dust, vacuum and mop more often. Anybody seen my energy lately? If you find it, please send it home.


Old house people might enjoy the Gone-Away Lake and Return to Gone-Away books by Elizabeth Enright that I'm reading to the kidlets. Even if I do wince a bit at renovations that include ripping the front porch off a house in favor of plain steps and painting over murals (even if they are mildewed). Who doesn't want a wrap around front porch or hand-painted wall decore? Sigh. Renovations in the Fifties were not quite the same as now, but the books are still a great read.


Other books sitting on my bedside table (I think I have too many books going right now): Mansfield Park, Sheetrock and Shellac, Chasing Vermeer, and I Should Have Seen It Coming When the Rabbit Died. That last one was given to me by Meredith and is just right for reading when pregnancy insomnia wakes me up at 3 a.m.


A corollary to Murphy's Law that I've learned recently: When you try to reduce your water usage by doing less laundry, one child will manage to wet two beds in one night. Another child will wet another bed and manage to have four or five accidents in one day no matter how many times you take the child to the bathroom. And all the children will go outside and play in the mud. I can only reduce my laundry so much, before the kids start noticing and taking measures into their own hands to make sure my housework is never completed.


We checked out the entire Schoolhouse Rock DVD recently and all my kids are driving me slightly mad singing "Interjections" loudly and somewhat off key.


Someone please tell my almost two year old that she isn't allowed to give up naps yet. I know she needs them and I need her to take them, but the last few days, she's spent crying hysterically and not falling asleep at all. I do not care for this development at all!

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Jordana said...

Jordana! I've just been introduced to Norwex products, and sat through a presentation on them recently. I remembered this product when reading about your dust mite issues. No personal experience with it, but a friend of mine said she's horribly allergic to the little beasties, and the mattress spray pretty much enabled her to have a reaction-free visit at her sister's (formerly mite-infested) house. So there you have it ...

Emily J. said...

Had to laugh at the wet beds note. I think today was the 3rd time this week that I've hung sheets out on the fence. I'm sure the neighbors know I have a boy bedwetter.

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