Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick Takes


Making tiny little pictures for Kimberlee's ATC swap (something I have never participated in before) has been very therapeutic for me. I love to paint and draw, although I'll never manage to be an amazing artist like my brothers (big and little). Generally when I'm pregnant or nursing, doing anything artistic is beyond my mental capabilities and my fingers are swollen so holding a paint brush or pencil for long hurts. But something that is 2.5"x3.5" and I can finish in 30 minutes? That I can manage. And it feels great! (By the way, that lovely Madonna and Child sculpture in the background -- made by a friend and Godmother to the youngest (in fact I am, ahem, just borrowing it to decorate my own bedroom until the youngest gets old enough to appreciate it).


Good news in Nashville -- our conservation efforts are paying off, so that even though the second water treatment plant won't reopen until the end of the month at least, we're now up to an allowed 70% of regular use. And how else would I ever have learned that Nashville has a really old and architecturally beautiful water treatment plant?


A lot of homeschooling products are now being offered as pdf files. Often these cost a bit less and for people like me with a lot of little people, its great to have the ability to print an unlimited supply of consumable stuff. I don't think the pdf option was available even a year ago, but I think I've bought half my curriculum that way this year. If anyone is looking for pdfs, some places to check out (though I haven't purchased things from all of them) are Currclick, Peace Hill Press, Gravitas Press, Pandia Press, Elemental Science, and Math Mammoth. Sure there is nothing like holding a real book in your hands to read, but when it comes to consumable workbooks and such, I think this option is great!


We had our first garden harvest yesterday -- about a half pint of strawberries. A homegrown strawberry is so different than a store bought one -- not in my mind so much in flavor (which probably makes me a rube) but in squishability. Homegrown strawberries are really soft. Store bought ones have been bred for transportation and are really hard. Try taking a potato masher to store bought strawberries and it won't get you far, but homegrown strawberries mush up nicely.


Why were we squishing our berries? We made strawberry fool for dessert. The linked recipe is slightly different than the one we used, which had a teaspoon of lemon juice and sour cream instead of yogurt, but when searching, I found that every recipe is slightly different and they all sound good. Don't use too much sugar and you have a nice, easy, not-sickeningly-sweet dessert that is finished in a few minutes.


I'm not sure what it says about my three year old (or at least I'm afraid of what it says about him) but like his older brother, he plays Star Wars all the time. In fact, I mentioned on Facebook the other day that I found my oldest quizzing his brother on Star Wars Lego characters. That's not the concerning part though. It's that the youngest boy is either found wearing a black cape, carrying a red light saber and slicing my legs off or he is wearing a rain coat, carrying a " 'chine gun" and saying that as a Storm Trooper, he's headed out to shoot "the naughty ones." He's gone to the Dark Side, clearly.


It's after 9 o'clock. Is it time for a nap yet?

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Kathy said...

And this is the one thing that really stinks about the blogosphere: you read something like #6, say, "Hey, kindred spirits for my son! We need a playdate!" and then realize that the lightsaber-wielding children in question live several states away. Darn.

On a lighter note, your blog header makes me laugh every time I pull up your blog. :)

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