Monday, May 03, 2010

Very Thankful

Friends all over Nashville and Franklin have experienced flooding, basements filled with water and life that is definitely not normal. I am very thankful to have no real stories of my own to share. The land around our house seems to be graded well and drain well. Other than having a lake for a driveway for a few hours and some puddles in the garage in our backyard, we came through the flood just fine. Others we know are in bad shape indeed.

So now we who have been fortunate will find ways to help out and clean up. I've seen flood pictures before, but it's a lot different when they are places you know.


Kim said...

So glad to hear you came away mostly unscathed! Meredith, too!

melissa said...

I find it interesting that flooding that's so wide-spread hasn't made it to the national news. Sort of frustrating.

Glad you're okay, though. The sun feels so good this week! :) We're drying out as well.

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