Friday, June 04, 2010


Last week, not only did the three year old get to go to the ER, but on Friday night, so did I. Although, I could explain in detail all the things that I don't think were well done that night in the L&D triage area (never show up during a shift change, if you can help it), I probably just got dehydrated and started contracting. However, it didn't feel like contractions -- it was just a constant unbearable pain in my back and right side. All seems to be fine now though.


Going to the hospital the other night made me realize that although these last few weeks (or months) feel like forever, that it really won't be that long. Things I must do before a baby arrives:

  1. Order a new infant carseat. Any suggestions?
  2. Pull out at least a few infant clothes in both girl and boy colors.
  3. Figure out the dresser situation, as my almost 2 year old's clothes are in the dresser to be used by the baby, and we don't really have room to add any more dressers.
  4. Pack some sort hospital bag.
  5. Find someone to watch the kids while I'm at the hospital.
  6. Finish up my lesson planning for school next year. The booklists are planned, but I have a lot more to do before I am prepared for the year.
  7. Cleaning house would be a nice bonus.


Tomorrow morning, I'm headed up to Kentucky with a couple of my friends to go to this homeschooling conference. It's a last minute decision to go, but I hope it will be fun. I've never been to a homeschooling conference of any sort before.


When I was in the ER on a Friday night, I got the pleasure of flipping through many cable channels and realizing there really is nothing worth watching. So, instead until my husband got back from dropping the kidlets off with a friend, I watched Say Yes to the Dress. (After my husband arrived, I read for a while and then we watched basketball.) But I was much more fascinated by the junk TV and by people's wedding dress budgets.

First, I can't imagine flying to NYC just to look for a wedding dress. Second, the "budget" brides were planning to spend more on their dresses alone than we spent on our wedding. Third, there was one woman who bought a $11,000 dress. Fourth, a lot of the dresses were ugly as sin and I only saw one that had any sort of sleeve at all -- almost everything was strapless and the rest had spaghetti straps. Fifth, looking hot in your wedding dress should not be a requirement. Looking hot for your groom afterward is fine, but does one really need to advertise to her guests that despite the white dress their is nothing virginal about the bride?


Do you ever begin to think you should have chosen different names for some of your children? My three year old should have been named Ivan (as in "the Terrible") and my almost two year old loves shoes so much, Imelda would have been a much better choice. Her first word was "shoo-shoo" and she tries on various all day long, almost never will go unshod, and even brings me shoes to put on if I am barefoot.


Strawberry season in the garden is already over. Next year I need to put in some everbearing strawberries. Until then, though, no more fresh garden strawberries, but the black raspberries are in full production mode and the red everbearing raspberries are also gearing up. Should all go well, it looks like zucchini and yellow squash should be ready to pick next week.

We won't discuss the state of my weed flower beds. Sigh.


One last pregnancy related thought -- one knows in theory that one is getting huge, but when people start asking when you are due and you say, "July" and they say, "Oh not long." and then you say, "The end of July or probably August." And all they can manage is a surprised, "Ooh!" Then you know you are huge. I've started telling everyone that first I get big and then I get impossibly big. I think I'm somewhere between those two. But less than two months until my due date (not that I ever go early, sigh).

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Betty Beguiles said...

I'm glad you guys are all okay! What a week! I hope you have a very restful weekend!

nicole said...

Glad all is well, relatively speaking. I spent an hour the in L&D being monitored the Friday before I had my baby. Also had mysterious back pain.

Our baby's clothes/blankets are in canvas baskets on our fireplace for now. Not necessarily attractive, but handy for those middle-of-the-night wardrobe changes when needed. Eventually the baskets will go under the bunk beds, when the 2 yo daughter's clothes get moved to the big girl room. Which won't happen until we paint and rearrange. So, next year maybe?

SoccerNerdPunk said...

That is super cute about the 2 year old and the shoe thing. She is probably going to be a very girly girl when she grows up.

Hopefully the end of your pregnancy isn't too bad. I am sure you look beautiful even if you feel super big.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

I hope that the homeschool conference was great! I have been to three conferences, but at two of them, I just went to the vendor hall. LOL At a Catholic one that I went to though, I did go to the speakers.

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