Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Art Trading Card Swap -- The Results

It was an exciting morning on Monday, when I opened the mailbox and found our envelopes containing the return art trading cards from the swap the three oldest kids and I participated in in May.

Here is what arrived in our envelopes:

For the five year old:

For the seven year old:

For the 10 year old:

And mine:

Now we're enjoying seeing some of our pictures show up on other blogs and planning which saints we'll draw for the next swap in November.


Diane said...

These are absolutely delightful! And so much more special when someone else sends you the ones they have made, and you get to bless someone else with your artwork.

Are you planning to display these somehow - a poster or a scrapbook?

Jordana said...

Diane, I haven't figured out how to store or display them. Right now they are all on the mantle in my bedroom, but that's not a good long term location.

Nicole Stallworth said...


I received one of your cards, and I see one of mine up in the post. I loved this whole thing, including just getting to look at the ones you and the others made. We've put ours into baseball card pages.

Alicia said...

I am also planning to buy some baseball card pages for my family's cards. This swap was a lot of fun. I see my son's card among those "10 year old" cards :)
God Bless!

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