Monday, June 28, 2010


Seven year old bursts in: Mom, I've decided I don't want to become a nun.
Me: Okay. You have a little while to decide these things. Why not?
Seven year old: I don't want to have to wear the same thing every day.

After reading, Hello Baby (one of my favorite books on the subject of new siblings because the big sibling doesn't throw tantrums, it shows stages of in utero development and the mom breastfeeds) to my three year old, I asked him if he would like to hold the new baby when it arrived.
With a sour look on his face: NO!
Me: Would you like to kiss the baby?
Three year old: NO!
Me: When the baby is bigger, you are going to get to teach it how to play with Duplos.
Three year old: NO! I don't want to. I'm going to take it and turn it into an alien.
Maybe I need to read one of those books about dealing with new siblings and tantrums!

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Lenise said...

I love the 3-yr-old's comments. Sounds like Isaac!

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