Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Drudgery? Perhaps. Degrading?

This morning I've run across a lot of buzz over a story about kids having to clean school bathrooms as punishment. While one mother interviewed for the story was fine with it (although her child was, of course, not so happy), another mother was quoted as saying, "It's degrading."
Degrading? Janitorial work is degrading? Who cleans their bathrooms at home? I hate cleaning more than most people. I avoid it. I put it off far too long and try hard to palm it off on my husband or children, but I've never felt degraded or that the work was beneath me when I finally could ignore the call of the nasty potty any longer.
Perhaps more manual labor and working punishments are what children in general need. Learning how to properly clean a bathroom and being reminded that none of us are really too good for such work cannot be a bad thing really.


Anonymous said...

If a child is happy with a consequence, something tells me that it isn't much of a consequence for unacceptable behavior.

Calling housework or janitorial work "degrading" is one of the most condescending, pretentious remarks. Ever. And yet what do you bet this woman has a very white, upper middle class, supposedly "liberal" and "tolerant" view of everyone? Or maybe she's just a thoughtless jerk. Or maybe those things aren't mutually exclusive :( :( :(

Herb of Grace said...

exactly. the older they get, the more important those kind of consequences are, too, since bribery with candy and pennies just doesn't cut it for the 10 and up set.

Diane said...

We'd all be a lot better off if more kids learned to do housework - starting early. It's one of those areas where almost everyone can contribute something, and the results can be plainly seen. Work/reward.

mrsdarwin said...

I've just assigned my kids some bathroom cleaning chores, and so far they've seemed excited by the idea of helping out. We'll see how long this lasts; it was only implemented today. :)

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