Monday, June 07, 2010

What Not to Do with Gin

I'm rather fond of a summertime gin and tonic. Obviously, not at the moment, but in those seemingly rare instances when I'm not pregnant, sitting on the porch swing sipping a gin and tonic on a sultry summer evening is a quite pleasant thing to do.

About the only thing I really like gin for is a gin and tonic, although a martini made with sweet vermouth isn't bad. I definitely draw the line way before I get anywhere near this drink.


Anonymous said...

Finally! Something that makes me feel relieved that b/c I take drugs, I don't drink. I'll think of this whenever I'm missing something tall and cool.

Amy said...

Oh that made me want to yack! I love gin and tonic in the summer too. Gin and MAYO. That is fully insane.

Lately I've tried Jack and Ginger (JD and Ginger Ale). Not bad. In a couple months, you can try one!

mrsdarwin said...

Absolutely disgusting. I love a G&T and, now that you've brought it up, maybe I'll have one tonight. But mayonnaise in a drink? That's just ungodly.

Emily J. said...

Now that I live in the south, I keep thinking I'll learn to like mint juleps - I'm sure they're better than gin and mayo! But I'd like nothing more than to sit on a porch swing (my sister, BD's?) with some interesting ladies like y'all and cold gin and tonics!

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