Thursday, July 08, 2010

Nothing Going On

It is the middle of summer. It's hot outside and nowadays I'm hot even in air-conditioning with a fan going. My father was here for a very pleasant visit, but he's gone home now.

The kids are bored and I'm not up for doing much to help them out of the doldrums. Sometimes they listen to fairy tales for hours on the iPod. Sometimes, they play games or build with Legos. Often they squabble.

It's not that long until the baby will certainly arrive, but it feels like ages. It feels even farther away now than before, since I saw a different doctor this morning and his assessment of my progress was far less than my regular doctor's.

Trying to think straight when I get little sleep and it's hot outside is taking its toll. I don't even feel like nesting anymore. Although the baby isn't done, I am.


melissa said...

Feeling for you. Summertime babies are so tough to wait for.

Two of ours were June/July babies. Ick! My feet stayed swollen all the time.

Take care. Least your kids are able to entertain themselves to a certain degree.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

I know this heat wave cannot help your wait. How about the slip and slide for the kids? We are playing on it in the mornings before it heats up too much.

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