Friday, July 09, 2010

Quick Takes -- Doing Stuff


The growing belly isn't the only thing happening, even though I do feel quite discouraged some days. I present a a few of the things to be seen around here from the past week.


Our laundry room counters! Need a fairly cheap counter? Try plywood. Our kitchen counters at our old house were plywood covered in polyurethane. They served us well there and our current kitchen counters are a fancier take on plywood covered in thick bar poly. We didn't want that much trouble and expense for the laundry room, but we did want to finally get these repurposed cabinets from Habitat for Humanity covered in a counter (instead of just covered in junk and unusable).

These took a while to plan and measure and a day to install for people who haven't done this before. It took another afternoon to carefully measure and cut out the opening for the laundry sink. We already had the necessary tools, the stain and the polyurethane, so the counters will come in under $200. I will be so happy to have counters and a sink in there. My very first real laundry room! Even if I won't get around to painting the cabinets or walls for a long while yet, it's finally going to seem like a finished room.


There aren't any peaches in my garden, but I found a bunch on a good sale and since peach jam is a favorite around here, I made some. I have never learned how to can, but freezer jam is easy and tastes great. For freezer jams, I just reuse sanitized old glass jars (making sure not to fill them so full that they explode).


Today's haul from the garden. A few tomatoes (some green ones that my two year old "found"), okra, squash, some serrano peppers, cukes and one little zucchini.


I actually don't like pickles that much, although I don't find a dill pickle as yucky as a sweet one, but when one cannot give away or eat cucumbers fast enough, one has to do something with the excess. I can't find the recipe online anymore that I'm using, but it makes a nice Claussen-Style dill pickle and keeps in the refrigerator (meaning once again, I can reuse old jars and I don't have to learn to can).


My first quarter school notebooks for the three school aged kiddos are done (except for all the things I have forgotten). I have a few things left to order and a few changes to make to their lesson plans, but the largest part of the work is finished! Phew.


I can't think of anything else around here that's gotten done except cooking meals and washing clothes, so I'll leave it at that.

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Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

I am envious of your vegetables. Due to high temperatures and no rain, we came home from vacation to a crispy garden. The only thing that made it were the tomato plants!

I am envious of your kid's notebooks! You are so rognized. We are doing some home school this summer, however it's just kindergarten and frankly so far a refresher of what she learned in pre-k this year.

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