Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick Takes Friday


My five year old walked in and handed me this paper this morning. I haven't exactly been the "fun mom" this summer. Okay, I'm never the fun mom, but I'm worse than usual.


At my last doctor's visit, another doctor in the practice told me that the stuff I'd been told was changing inside wasn't. That not much at all had happened really. Frustrating. I go in for another appointment today with my doctor. I hope things are more interesting this time.

I may also complain about the nursing staff, who when asked any question reply with a withering, "Have you checked the pink book we gave you?" And when told that I wanted to check something that isn't standard and/or mentioned in the book, they just refer to the book. It's not like everyone has a typical labor or that they can possibly mention everything you can or cannot take during pregnancy in one paragraph. And thus far, I have never heard one of them during this pregnancy say, "I'll check with a doctor and get back to you or if you are worried come in and we'll check it out." When I started going to this practice, it was small and I really liked the four doctors. I've recommended it a lot. Now it seems like much more of a big business with far more doctors and nurses. Hmph.


Damn you, Whole Foods, if I’d wanted to poison my baby, I’d have stayed conservative.
This essay that Robbo linked to cracked me up.


Belly shot:

You know you are huge when even your seven year old asks if it might be twins. Not that I'm bitter or anything.


My three year old was annoyed that I accompanied him to the bathroom instead of his father, so he told his two year old sister, "You stink." "I not stink!" she roundly declared. Being typically warlike and violent, she walked over and hit him. Naturally, he hit back. And the two year old walked over to me, batted her big blue eyes and declared indignantly, "He hit me!"


For reasons we are uncertain of, the two year old calls the three year old "Jo-Jo." His name contains neither J nor O.


I think I have a girl's name picked out, but not a boy's name. This practically guarantees that this baby must be a boy.

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Diane said...

You poor thing! Hot, pregnant and now declared a boring mom by your children. Your two year old sounds like a hoot - can't wait to get her reaction to the baby.

The doctor thing - my doc actually changed practices a year ago because the place he was affiliated with had become too much of a "business" for his taste, bless him. The new place is in a scary downtown location...but I still go to him.

Jordana said...

Diane, I could see my doctor doing something like that maybe. When the whole practice moved to a new facility away from the hospital, he held out and maintained his office at the hospital for a year. Unfortunately, some power that be made him move out to be with the rest of the office beginning this month. Maybe he'll grow weary of it all. I really like him and the remaining original partners. Everyone else, not so much.

nicole said...

Your 2 yo and my 2 yo must have the same mentor in toddler terror. ;)

melissa said...

You tickle me, though I realize life is pretty darn hard for you now (waiting for a baby in summer-time ranks high in the irritation mode in my opinion), you still have your sense of humor intact.

Hang in there, baby. :)

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