Friday, July 02, 2010

Quick Takes


It occurs to me with my due date approaching, that it might be a good idea to start thinking about baby names. This is complicated some what by the fact that we don't know if this is a boy baby or a girl baby. Further complications: it needs to sound good with the names of the rest of the kids (all properly Anglophilic); it needs to not be too trendy; the child's initials should not form any horrible acronyms (although with an "A" last name, every set of initials sounds like some sort of organization or agency); and one or both of the names should, if possible, have some saintly predecessor. Any suggestions?


In the meantime, I'm still getting everything ready. My bag is packed (more or less) even though I won't be needing it for a month or so. I'm much closer to finishing up the homeschooling stuff. The new carseat has arrived. A few people are lined up as potential children watchers.


On to other things, though at this point my brain is sort of baby focused. my garden is doing well. It is interesting to watch things over several years and see how conditions and weather do have a big impact. Two years ago, we were swimming in bell peppers. Last year we didn't get a single one. This year, we're getting at least a few. Last year and the year before, we had more plums than I knew what to do with. This year, I was able to pick about five. Last year we were swimming in yellow squash and zucchini. This year I've already yanked two plants from the ground. The ever faithful plants -- cucumbers, okra and tomatoes are going along doing their thing as always. From four cucumber plants, I have more than I can use and give away. The tomatoes are starting to come in quickly and the okra is doing fine -- though as usual it starts off slowly, with just a few pods at a time.


One thing we're doing differently in the garden this summer that is working quite well is growing the cucumbers up trellises, instead of letting them creep along taking over the garden. They need a lot of encouragement to go up the thicker wood of our homemade trellises, but they seem pretty happy to go that route.


I have now made black raspberry, strawberry and blueberry jams, and I'll be putting a lot of okra and such things in the freezer as the summer progresses. One of the best parts of growing a garden and struggling to save the produce for the seasons when nothing grows is how much more one appreciates housewives of the past and their work to do the same. It's relatively easy now with modern freezers and canners. But even canning is a relatively new invention. I'm glad to live in a time when I can buy almost any produce I want, all year round at the grocery store, but it is nice to be tied somewhat to the seasons outside and the bounty of one's own efforts.

On the other hand, price wise, locally grown often doesn't come near touching economies of scale. The cost of fresh produce at my local farmer's market is often almost twice as much as produce at the grocery store (especially Aldi). What I can't or don't grow at home, I'm not willing to pay twice as much for.


Back to babies, I've reached the point where I am very, very envious of women who routinely deliver before their due dates. My OB informs me that although, in general, women who have had several pregnancies do tend to deliver a bit earlier than others, there doesn't seem to be a statistical likelihood in my own personal case. Sigh.


I hope everyone has a lovely 4th of July weekend.

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Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

Your jam sounds absolutely delicious. One day I hope to be able to make some!

Anonymous said...

I still like Charles/Charlie paired with your last name. For a girl, you haven't used any names with vowels-for-the-first-letter yet, so how about an Eleanor, Eloise, Eliza or the like?


Amy said...

Rabbits ate my garden. Next year, a fence!

Names can be so fun and so frustrating! I never got to use Maria (sniff), which I love. I also love Elijah (Eli). Claire and Gianna are saint names I love too. Peter and Matthew are faves.

Can't wait to hear what you have and what his/her name is!!

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