Friday, July 09, 2010

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Being extremely cruel parents, we occasionally make our children read books they might not have picked up on their own. The oldest tends to dawdle like crazy about starting any new book, and then usually can't put the book down. (I won't discuss the seven year old who is even harder to make do anything she doesn't want to do.)

Last year I made him, after much convincing, read Journey to the Center of the Earth. He loved it.

Today I made him start Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, which has been sitting around waiting to catch his attention for weeks. His review thus far? "Mom, this book makes Journey to the Center of the Earth look boring and dull. It's wonderful! I was only going to read 100 pages today, but I had to finish the underwater hunt."

If only I could convince him once, without cajoling, that his father and I actually can pick good books.


melissa said...

Yeah, I get this. The thing with our kids is that unless I really entice them, they don't usually want to read what I suggest. But they'll read 24 hours a day if they pick it out! It's the *suggestion part* that gets 'em. I tend to say something like, "Well, just read the first chapter...."

Sometimes it takes some trickery, doesn't it?

Hope you can stay relatively cool today. It feels a wee bit cooler this morning, but still, rain is SUPPOSED to be coming. We'll see. ;)

Jordana said...

"Read the first chapter..." is a standard order around here too. It works well with the oldest most of the time. The seven year old, not so much. She can read a longish book, but if I pick one out, she flips.

Sarah said...

Hey I'm reading Twenty Thousands Leagues Under the Sea too! My son was decided between that or 1984 for his summer reading project. He settled on 1984 for his project. We'll swap books when we're done. I'm always up for rereading books with my kids.

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