Monday, August 09, 2010


I never get tagged for anything any more (It's not that I try to be antisocial, but the kids bring it out in me. Kidding. Mostly), but here I got tagged twice (by both the lovely and very pregnant Hallie and by my real-life Nashville blogging buddie Amy) for a meme making its way around the Catholic blogosphere.

One of these, suggests talking about your three favorite Catholic devotions and the other five. I'm still getting used to the idea of having devotions at all. I think some things don't come as naturally to some of us converts.

When we were first in the process of becoming Catholic, I felt a very strong pull to pray the rosary. At the time, I didn't even really know what a rosary or praying one entailed. But I was convinced I needed to pray it. Right about that time, Elizabeth Foss posted about her favorite rosary CD, which I bought and have really loved praying with. I don't pray the rosary all the time -- certainly not every day, and not always with the CD, but I love the CD and I do love praying the rosary.

Almost every night as a family we do pray Compline. If it were up to my husband, we'd be chanting the whole thing, probably in Latin. Some of us appreciate chant, but are perhaps not quite as enchanted (har har) as others. We only chant parts of Compline. Chanted and/or spoken, it is a lovely end to the day. We have booklets for Compline and everyone who can read takes part in the Psalm and even some people who cannot read have begun to learn the hymn and prayers.

Another nightly tradition for our family, after Compline, is ask our family patrons to pray for us. As a convert, praying to saints sometimes still feels weird. I could easily ignore the saints as something I'm just not used to, if not for this nightly invocation and reminder of their existence. The good thing is that not only does this prayer serve as a great thing for me, but none of this will feel so weird to my kids. It will be part of what they simply know.

The baby is starting to get fussy, and so I'll opt for the choice of three rather than five devotions. And now to pass the buck on to someone else: Kiera, Robbo (when he returns from vacation), Mary, Kimberlee, and anyone else reading this who wants to join in.


Amy said...

Oh - Compline! How do I not know of this?

Did you make the booklets or download or buy? I would love something to do with the kids. I also like asking your patrons to pray for you - great idea!

Jordana said...

My husband made our booklets. I think he's still in the revising process (because he likes to tinker with things). However, I could probably get my hands on a file to send your way eventually.

Robbo said...

Oh, a meme! And a Catholic one at that!

Thankee for the tag, and I'll be sure to post on it, although I'm afraid my response will be pretty pathetic.

Kimberlee said...

Thanks for the tag! Jonathan chants Compline (in Latin) every night by himself (we don't really have singers here). That's lovely that you pray it as a family - such a peaceful ending to the day.

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