Thursday, August 19, 2010

Live or Let Dye?

A serious question facing many women of a certain age these days: when the grey hairs start arriving in droves -- to dye or not to dye?

It's not like there is any guarantee that your hair will look like Emmy Lou's:

You might look like this instead:


Amy said...

Oh wow. I was talking yesterday with my spiritual director about the issue of clothes, being stylish, the whole appearance thing.

I have been 50% gray since my mid-30s and my hair guy says I'm probably at 65% now. I color it. I was not ready in my 30s and I'm not ready now to be gray. (If my hair would look like Emmy's, well maybe!)

Personally, I think this in-between stage of "going gray" where it's just showing up mixed in your natural color, can make women actually look older and tired. It's a slow process, so you aren't totally gray for YEARS.

I have known people who pulled it off. One woman at church comes to mind who gradually went salt and peppery and somehow it was ok on her.

Coloring it is a giant pain, as the 2 inch roots I'm sporting today testify to.

melissa said...

I've noticed the *going gray* trend as well, and have been surprised at the books out there encouraging women to go au naturale with their hair color.

Bottom line. Shared with my husband to get his feedback and he gave me one of those threatening looks. I color mine, and have for a long time. Btw, what's influenced my husband is likely the fact that he's been turning gray since he was around 12...runs in his family. I'm already seeing it in our kids and they don't like it!

Janis Gore said...

Buncha painted women if you ask me.

Seriously, I don't have a great hank of hair, and at 53, am only showing a few strands of gray which I can pass off as highlights.

Believe you me, if it eventually comes streaking in yellow like my mother's, I'll be looking at all the best solutions. Coloring not excepted.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

I guess I am a "painted woman". I have been dying my hair for about ten years, when I first noticed ae gray hair. I say I, but really, my husband dyes it for me. He is all salty and pepper, but I do not think he is ready to me to be gray. With a three year old and a five year old, either am I.

Jordana said...

I tend to fall down on the natural side of most things. I wear a little makeup, but not much. I rarely polish my nails. I haven't dyed my hair in years (and even then I preferred the stuff that washed out over the course of a month, because roots were too much to keep up with).

But I don't relish going grey and having someone mistake me for my children's grandmother. In my family, the women either grey early or late, and at least I'm falling on the later side. If it stays to two grey hairs, for a long while, I'll be fine. :)

Anonymous said...

Although I haven't had noticeable gray yet, I plan to go back to highlighting my hair blonder when I do. My hair used to be much lighter before I started having kids, and as it darkened over time, I knew I could not keep up with the maintenance.

I think highlights are a softer way to go than all-over color, although it's not something you can do reasonably well at home. (This from someone who let her kid cut her hair once!)


Kathy said...

I'm having a constant battle with my oldest about "dealing with what God put on your head." She's black and we loc her hair because the chemicals necessary to straighten it are just scary.

Some days, she likes her locs. Other days, she wants it straight. She wants it blond. She wants it something else.

So my gray is staying. I earned it. I'm not 20 anymore. God (and the Navy and my kids) made it gray, and that's ok. (and, no, my gray hairs don't lay down nicely)

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