Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick Takes -- The Very Random Edition


I'm just now looking at and downloading pictures from my camera, but we Christianized the heathen baby almost two weeks ago. He wasn't exactly happy about that water being dumped on his head, but he'll appreciate it some day.


Speaking of heathens (and perhaps more technically heretics) despite what has been reported in the comments section on Creative Minority Report when discussing a certain priest in my diocese, we are not all heretics in Middle Tennessee. My parish has all sorts of strikes against it, when judged by the statements in the video the CMR guys posted. We have a foreign priest, a married convert priest and we're orthodox! Terrible, ain't it?


Actually terrible, my brother-in-law and his family lost their home to a fire a few days ago. They aren't sure of the cause as of yet. They are pretty upbeat about it considering the loss. I'm not sure I would take it nearly so well. I probably need to work on a greater detachment from stuff. If you get a chance though, please say a prayer for them as they go through the frustrations and annoyances that are sure to come.


On a happier note, there is great luxury in having a child who is old enough to mow the lawn. Even better, half the time he'd rather take his payment in game playing time.


Yes, indeed. We caved in and allowed JH to buy his siblings a Wii as his gift to his new brothers and sisters. And we let the oldest buy the Lego Harry Potter game. Clearly, we've lost it in our dotage. Though it's still not like I let them sit around like dullards all the time, and as I said most of the oldest's game time is hard earned by sweating along mowing the yard in the August heat.


With public schools and a lot of homeschoolers starting their new school years and since we've usually started by now, I feel behind. However, I don't feel ready to get this show on the road either. I think our school year will just have to wait a little while longer.


And now a web page for discriminating Winos and those who aspire to be such: BumWine!
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melissa said...

Love the photos! And, btw, we don't start school until around the day AFTER Labor Day. Darn near soon enough for me! :)

Amy said...

Fr. B -- grrrrrrrrrrr. He's like the mole in whack-a-mole, a menace that just keeps pooping up.

Oh - baby does look pretty unhappy about that water!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

If it makes you feel better, our public school does not start until the Tuesday after Labor Day. We still have two weeks of swimming lessons to go!

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing upon watching the video. I haven't seen much to match our foreign priest in terms of devotion and core knowledge.

Although, to be fair, the priest in question helped my husband's family through a traumatic death and I was impressed by his warmth and generosity, if not his orthodoxy.


SoccerNerdPunk said...

In reference to the heretical Priest, oddly enough that church is the closest Catholic church to where my sister lives in Nashville, so we ended up going there last time we visited her. We thought there was something fishy going on when we could name 10 things wrong with the presentation of the mass, but we passed it up as maybe it being just a random diocese thing. Though we had been to mass at Vandy before, without any controversial things appearing, so we should have been more suspicious. Anyway, long story short, we may have to look up your non-heretical parish next time we are in Nashville for a Sunday.

Btw congrats to the new addition into God's big family!

Kathy said...

The foreign priests in our parish (Virginia) have consistently been solidly orthodox, which is a lot more than can be said for the American priests (who've run about 50/50), and we have a reputation as the "conservative" parish!

Congratulations on your new addition! And wouldn't you be upset if someone suddenly poured cold water on your head? ;)

Lenise said...

Add us to the limping into the school year list! I spend most of my "at home" days out so Paul can do his work from home gig or paint the house. I still haven't figured out where we'll prowl tomorrow.

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