Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eight Years

My oldest daughter turned eight this week.  It's been quite the wild ride with her in the past eight years.  As we like to say -- she sounds like a pack-a-day smoker with her deep, gruff voice, has the attitude of a teenager, and a flare for the dramatic like you wouldn't believe, but we are crazy about her anyway. 

She's an amazing person and full of energy and life.  Our on-going job as her parents has been and continues to be to teach her to use all that energy, power, drama and the rest for good.  She can be the absolutely best toddler watcher or the meanest sister in the house, all in the space of thirty seconds.  She can throw together a stunning outfit complete with accessories that I never would have thought of, but she's also the one who tries to dress her sister in blue stripes, pink spots and tie-dye all at once.

She's quite the kid.
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