Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Quick Takes


You have eight children in the house (not counting the baby), they are all begging for food and pretending that starvation is imminent.  What do you feed them for a snack?  I opted for popcorn.  I made two batches in our popcorn maker (similar to this one) -- one with butter and one with sugar. Happy children all around.


Why had I acquired extra children?  Or did you not notice in the previous quick take that there were 3 unaccounted for kids?  Well, extra children arrived yesterday afternoon, because my friend was headed to the hospital to act as a doula for another friend.  I haven't heard yet about a new baby arrival, but I'm praying that all went well.

UPDATE: A new baby boy for my friend. Deo gratias! 


I have greatly enjoyed reading the discussion on pants in the Blogosphere.  Sometimes I wear pants.  Sometimes I wear skirts.  I have a few friends who only wear skirts.  I knew a few women in Fairbanks, Alaska who only wore skirts (or wore skirts on top of their pants).  No one has yet shunned me for my lascivious pants-wearing, but now, after this discussion on the broader internets, my husband has derived a lot of pleasure from saying, "Woman. Cover yourself and stop tempting me with those pants!"


We've almost finished our third week of school.  Unsurprisingly, I suppose, all my planning has actually helped us manage our days better.  Also unsurprising -- my staying off the computer helps the day run more smoothly.  But it does cut down on my goofing off/blogging time. Hmph.


Does anyone have any brilliant ideas for breakfast? I'm tired of eggs. I'm tired of cereal. I'm tired of oatmeal and I'm tired of pancakes/waffles.  I'm also just plain tired in the morning.


This guy has a lot to do with my sleepiness.


He's two months old now and weighs almost 14 lbs.  If he continues on this growth pattern and doesn't drop off sharply like his closest two siblings did, he'll weigh as much as my two year old in no time.

More Quick Takes to be found at Jen's place.


Emily J. said...

That cheeky grin is worth losing sleep over!

Diane said...

Yogurt with granola and/or fruit. Peanut butter on toasted english muffins (with or without bananas). There are tons of egg casseroles that can be made ahead, as can baked pecan french toast (recipe...somewhere...on my site). Bagels are fairly easy to make, and you can freeze them. Again, toast and add peanut butter or cream cheese for protein. Personally, I love cheese and and apple for breakfast.

But my absolute favorite is leftover cold pizza, so what do I know?

melissa said...

A super easy breakfast is those little yogurts. Our store often has them for 25 cents a piece...when they're about to go out of date, and I stock up. Well, it's not like it'll sit around for long.

But it's easy and they can get it themselves.

Hope you can get in a nap today. :)

Janis Gore said...

As a young'un, I liked cooked rice with sugar and butter.

nicole said...

Such a cute little(ish) guy! Mine weighs 14 pounds at four months. ;) I am also sleepy.

I made bacon cheddar muffins this morning. Other than sticking to the liners they were pretty good. I'm not a big fan of eggs but I make my kids eat them everyday. Something as simple as serving them with tortillas gets the kids all excited.

I have read some of the pants/skirts dialogue. I practically live in skirts in the summer, but that is because I think they are cooler and more comfortable (and this summer I needed the elastic waists), not because I think they are the only thing women should wear. I tend to wear jeans in winter. I think that by now men are used to seeing women in pants and so their minds are not nearly as influenced by it. But I'm not a man, so what do I know?

Kimberlee said...

Woman, thou feedest that baby well. What a big handsome baby! That grin is priceless!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

I love that popcorn popper! I think I might have to make a purchase!

As for breakfast, I am spoiled. My husband makes me a cheese & tomato omelet every morning. On weekends, I make the girls pancakes. I do like banana muffins, but too many carbos for me.

Mrs. White said...

I just found your blog while doing a google search for a St. Cecilia coloring page...
For easy b'fasts I agree with the comment about the egg casseroles. I also like to do breakfast burritos - I got a recipe from Prairiefrog Blog (I think it's at which makes 24ish burritos and then you can freeze them and just heat and eat whenever you want... We actually do these for dinner a lot.
Oh and she says to get the ground chorizo not the kind that's encased, but that's the only kind I can find so I use it and it seems to work fine...

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Bwahahaha -- I had to LOL about your husband's comment about pants. Too funny!

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