Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Four Years and a Couple of Weeks

I've been mostly not-blogging these days, it seems, but my kids are getting educated. I'm cooking real meals, and the house is moderately clean.  However, I do need to show my face around here too.  For instance, my adorable, sweet, sometimes belligerent second son turned four a few weeks ago.
I can't believe he's four already. The years have flown by, at the same time they dragged every day. When he was still in utero, we first looked at the big purple house. We sold our tiny, comfortable, non-drafty house when he was still a tiny baby.  Now he's a full-blown super hero.

Several weeks in advance, the four year old to be told me he wanted a monkey cake. If you've seen some of my other cake decorating attempts, you might know that I'll try just about anything, but the results are generally not all that pretty.  I like to tell people that while I am a good baker, icing is my downfall.  Sometimes I even just buy icing out of a can, and I still can't seem to pipe it properly.  This time I tried chocolate marshmallow fondant. Much better results (even if no one will ever hire me as a professional cake decorator, I think it's better than some of the professional cakes I've seen) and it tasted good too. What's on the inside? A banana layer cake, of course.  What other kind of monkey cake would one make?

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nicole said...

It looks fantastic! My poor kids get stuck with store-bought frosting and my meager piping skills.

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