Thursday, November 11, 2010

It Ain't All High Brow Around Here Folks

I have two kids in diapers.  One who needs help after using the toilet.  And the rest of them think scatological humor is the best.

My two year old, who is still in diapers, has decided that when she's sleepy and feeling belligerent, it is good to go around insulting people by saying, "You poop in your diaper!"  Thanks to her siblings, she's also learned lovely phrases such as "Poo-poo head."

My older, classically-educated children, have been thoroughly enjoying their Latin class. Especially when they learned that boy was puer.  Or as the girls like to say, "Puer. It's like poo-air. Therefore our brother is really flatulence."

I suppose that's what I get for keeping a copy of Everybody Poops in the house.


melissa said...

Oh, shades of the past. :) And your 2yearold is a stinker. Bet she keeps everyone on their toes!

Enjoy it, Jordana. The humor is likely all that keeps you afloat some days.

And, btw, you make me laugh sharing all of this stuff. Truly!

Rebecca said...

I bought Everybody Poops for my husband (then boyfriend) when we were in college. My memory is faded but my guess is that I saw it at a near-campus bookstore and thought it was funny. I read it to the kids now and then. Maybe there's a little bit of toilet-humor-appreciator in all of us.

Anonymous said...

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