Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick Takes


It's mouse time once again in the Big Purple House.  Ugh. Saw two or the same one twice last week.  We set out traps, but apparently we have smart mice.  I hate mice.  I hate them more than most spiders and probably as much as snakes, which usually leave me alone.  Cockroaches might be worse, and I am thankful I haven't seen any rats in the house.


Maybe it's PPD or maybe its SAD, but this past week of cold, grey weather has been really hard for me.  When it all gets overwhelming, it is hard to get anything done.  And yet kids still need to get their school done and they still demand to be fed. For some reason this is always when the tasks I must perform seem to expand and relatives start complaining all at once that I have been terrible at keeping in touch.

Fortunately, in the last few days the sun has come out and my husband shoved me out the door and made me go to my homeschooling friends Mom's Night Out.  The last days haven't felt quite so much of a slog, but I'm still not very good at keeping in touch with people, because all the things that need to get done are still there. Sigh.


Thanksgiving's next week. Ack!  Talk about things to get done. I think we're going to have a house full of people, which I love, but which means I need to get the place marginally clean.  And I need to buy a turkey or two. And make pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce.  I hope everything else is being brought by someone else.


I think there must be a four month growth spurt going on, because JH is wanting to party all night long at the Milk Bar.  Not getting sleep isn't helping my mood either, and that whole, "Sleep when the baby sleeps" thing doesn't work when you have six kids at home, and the four year old and two year old would think nothing of destroying the house while you slept.


I'm way more excited than you would imagine that my husband bought paneer last week, so that I can make Mattar Paneer for dinner tonight.  Does going meatless on Fridays count, when it isn't particularly penitential? I'm making lentil curry, naan and mango lassis too.


Unlike some years where I'm organized, this year I have no idea what to do about Christmas.  Urgh. Nothing like leaving these things until the last minute.  At least, I do have some nice plans in place for keeping the season of Advent -- poems to memorize for circle time, a few cookies to bake, and we'll read either Jotham's Journey or Destination: Bethlehem. The former we've read before and the kids love it, even if it is somewhat trite and poorly written. We haven't read the latter, but I bought it last year, so I'm thinking about trying it out this year.


It's very important to know how to have "the talk" with your kids. You know -- where you explain to them that Jar-Jar is evil and that Greedo didn't shoot first.

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melissa said...

Could that adorable baby be any fatter? My goodness, he is gorgeous. :) Not sure if you get enough praise, but that content baby is testimony of your excellent mothering.

nicole said...

My 6 month old gave me a bit of your #4 night-life this week too. All night buffet in TX instead of Vegas. Thankfully seemed short-lived. And my 2 yo destroys the house when we are looking, so who knows what would happen with no supervision. Not coincidentally that is why I rarely shower alone these days. Hard to shave legs with 2 yo underfoot, fyi.

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