Monday, December 06, 2010

Saints and More Saints

Happy St. Nicholas' Day!  Growing up we didn't celebrate Christmas, saint days or anything of the sort, but when I started taking German in seventh grade, we always put our shoes out and found chocolate in them.  It was probably my first experience with the Saints, and although my children hear about the Saints frequently a sweet reminder of St. Nicholas is always welcome.

At the end of October and beginning of November, my oldest three children and I made art trading cards  of various saints and sent them off to Kimberlee for her ATC swap.  I was in such a rush at the time with one daughter's birthday and then our trip to Ohio that I forgot to copy the pictures we made, but they are out there somewhere and we've seen a few online.

A few days ago, our new cards arrived in the mail, which called for a break from school to examine and compare all our new art.  We got cards from England and Norway and perhaps most surprising, my six year old got a card from her best friend (I suppose we could have saved postage and just traded cards after Mass, but how much more fun to have a surprise from your friend show up via Pennsylvania instead!) Here's what showed up in the mail:

Bl. Teresa of Calcutta by Marcia, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Constantine and St. Helen, St. Anthony and St. Andre of Montreal by Josee

My 11 year old's cards: St. George, St. Damien, St. Patrick, St. Peter Claver?, and St. Michael by one of this blogger's children

My eight year old's cards: St. Lucy, St. Patrick, St. Elizabeth of Hungary by Marcia's daughter, St. Rose of Lima, and St. George

My six year old's cards: Bl. Kateri, St. Faustina, St. Bernadette, St. Christopher and St. Clare

Many thanks to Kimberlee and her family for hosting and sorting this enormous swap. It's been so much fun.


Robbo said...

Somewhat related, I learned over the weekend, per the eldest gel's request that I help her with her religious studies, of the Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, the "Flower of the Mohawks". As I just happened to be reading a historickal account of the Jesuit missions in North America of that period, I considered it to be quite the felicitous coincidence.

Jordana said...

Robbo, you aren't reading Cather's Shadows on the Rock, are you? I'm slowly working my way through it, though it isn't as fast a read for me as Death Comes for the Archbishop.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

How Fun! I love the saint cards.

Robbo said...

Oh, I wasn't but I certainly will!

Anonymous said...

Love, love the cards.

melissa said...

Was just telling Diane at Ginosko that I was unfamiliar with St. Nick's day (stockings/shoes in your case) until this year. Sweet! :)

But I'm curious about you not celebrating Christmas as a child, as you mentioned at the first of your post. I've met several people, lately, who are believers but don't indulge in Christmas now. If you don't mind, I'd love hearing about it someday. Hope this doesn't sound TOO nosy!

Anonymous said...

What lovely cards.

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