Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Adventures in Emergency Home Repair

"Mom," said my six year old as she pointed her flashlight at the floor, "I don't remember the vent being so far down."

I peered in, blinking rather unbelievingly at the sudden depth of the bottom of the in-floor heating vent. Why was it so deep? That dime sure is visible down there. Is that a dirt floor and a chair I can see? Wait a minute. I'm looking straight into the basement. It isn't supposed to look like that.

I wasn't thinking too quickly at first, obviously, but once it dawned on me that we'd been heating the basement for who knows how long, I moved a bit faster and hauled tape and a step ladder down to basement to reattach the living room heat to the first floor.

The taping job was pretty easy, although actual duct tape and not the stuff we call duct tape probably would have been preferable. What was most amazing was the amount of stuff that had spilled out of the duct as it fell. Legos, coins ($3.15), poker chips, lots of missing pencils, and plastic beasts by the dozen. I half wondered whether the weight of all the treasures stuffed down there was what sent it crashing.

No wonder my often frigid house has been a little extra chilly and now that extra large electric bill makes more sense.


nicole said...

Too bad there wasn't enough to change to pay for the extra large heating bill. ;)

Sarah said...

Sounds like the time Nate looked out the window and wondered aloud why the door to our (walk-in!)crawlspace was wide open. I hauled myself out pronto since our furnace resides there and we were in the midst of a wicked week long cold snap.

Herb of Grace said...

I had to lol :) Sorry for the extra large bill, but it's good blog fodder, right?

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

It is amazing what can be repaired with duct tape.

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