Thursday, January 13, 2011

Legos All Year Round

Sometimes the best motivation is to relate an assignment to a child's interests.  Therefore, I got a lot better reaction when I assigned the oldest to write four short poems about Legos (to study various meters) than I would have had I asked him to write about flowers or butterflies. I present the results:

Seasons of Legos, in four parts
by GTA

The Lego Chicken said angrily,
“I was born in spring, in a factory!
Go away, ye odious Megablok, you,
Or I will make you smell my shoe!

Summer, oh Summer, oh Summer sublime,
For Legos this is a prodigious time,
Prices and shipping go down quite a lot,
Your countenance brightens as you see the jackpot.

Lego turkey,
Most lovely,
Nice little shade of brown,
Orange and Yellow,
Not getting mellow,
Lego leaves falling down.

Christmas tree, Lego Crèche,
Wise Men of three,
Santa’s hat goes to a pirate matey.


Diane said...

Good heavens. This is better than a lot of poetry I've read, and his vocabulary is stellar! Great work.

Kimberlee said...

Fabulous! Impressive vocabulary, fine poetry, and one wise mama.

Robbo said...

Impressive shifts of meter! I see a future English Major (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I don't recognize that Lego set. The middle gel told me last evening that she'd love to get the Lego Hospital. Oh, but she said, it's been discontinued....but you can still buy one for two hundred and thirty dollars.

My response was to suggest she go get a job.

Jordana said...

Robbo, that's Lego's architectural series (and that one is Fallingwater). My aunt gave it to the boy for Christmas. They also have the White House, Empire State Building and other selections. And yes, that money concept is a hard one for kids to get a grasp on.

mrsdarwin said...

This is some of the best poetry I've ever read, natch.

Emily J. said...

Love it! Can I borrow this trick?

Jordana said...

Borrow at will, Emily.

Nadja Magdalena said...

The boy is brilliant. And he is the only poet my boys will read without being compelled...

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