Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not That Kind of Sharing!

Monday morning the six year old came downstairs to tell me that there was "brown stuff" on her bed. Then I saw the dried vomit in her hair. Blech.  She felt a little off in the morning, but by lunchtime she was up and wanting to eat. Now, on occasion I have had a child throw up once for unknown reasons and never display much of any other illness. Usually on these occasions, no one else gets sick.

Sadly, this time she shared.  The next morning at 5:45, as I was getting up early to head to my own appointment at the allergist, the eight year old came in to tell me that she felt sick. We just got her to the toilet in time. She couldn't keep anything down and finally I had to take her to the doctor. Zofran is amazing stuff. She's still feeling off, but she's keeping down liquid.

Then the two and a half year old crawled up in my lap, got very quiet and puked all over me.  She was miserably pathetic and helpfully determined not to throw up anywhere but all over herself or me, no vomit bowls for her!

Currently we have no active vomitation, but I am still wondering when the next one of us will succumb. Terrifying thought.

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Jessica said...

I am so sorry your children have been sick! What a difficult week. I'll say a prayer for you and your family!

Also, I wanted to thank you for your Saint Coloring Pages. I was just visiting again to download your St. Margaret page for our meeting this week. They have all sure been a blessing, since my Little Flowers Group is on Wreath III this year. May God reward you for your generosity!

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