Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Out of the Fog?

I feel as though I have been floating through a fog of busy-ness recently. First came the great stomach bug, then I spent a crazy week getting ready to go across town to Blissdom and then spending parts of two fun days chatting with a bunch of interesting women at the conference (which involved getting the kids to a very kind friend's house early-ish in the morning), and then for the past week and a half I have been madly writing my third quarter lesson plans and printing all the million sheets of paper my kids need for various lessons.

The plans are now written and I have linked them to my lesson plan page. Most, though not all of the papers are printed.

It feels as though a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can't believe I'm in the second half of the school year finally.


Anonymous said...

But if you're coming out of a foggy place... did you leave your heart in San Francisco? ;)

Amy said...

I feel the same way, only for different reasons.

I went to the Pope Benedict conference that was here last weekend. Got to hear and speak with Scott Hahn - a highlight of my entire year! It.was.awesome.

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