Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I Like

Some things I like and am using these days. Note that nothing is a paid endorsement, since I don't take remuneration for anything around here.

  1. My iPod Touch.
    Especially useful to me (which shows what a dorky housewife I really am) I really love the free OurGroceries app. I can create separate lists for Aldi, Kroger, Costco, and (belying the name) Home Depot, etc. It remembers things I have put on the list before and makes adding things, transferring things between lists and such other necessities very easy. It also has a recipe feature that I have never used, but I could imagine being a good tool for some people.

    I also am rather fond of e-readers. I haven't tried out the Nook, but I have the Kindle app, Overdrive (which lets me check books out from my library) and Stanza (probably my favorite of the three in terms of looks -- I'm a sucker for the pages "flipping" when you tap them.)

  2. Goody Hair Styling thingies (I believe that's the technical term). I was bemoaning the fact that I am hair incompetent (barely even managing a decent ponytail to keep my hair out of the mouth of my grabby baby) to an acquaintance, and she told me about the "spin pin" and the "updo maker." The other day when I was at Target I remembered to look for them. I'm still not managing the spin pins quit right, but it didn't take long to manage a perfectly decent updo with the other thing, which is sort of like a bobby pin on steroids. Cool!

  3. Leap Frog videos. My friend Meredith recommended these to me years ago, and I was skeptical. I saw them recommended again on Wildflowers and Marbles, and remembering Meredith's recommendation, I put the Letter Factory video on my four year old's Christmas list. He loved it and within a few watchings had memorized most of the letter sounds.  Another friend lent us the sequels -- Code Word Caper and Talking Words Factory and my four year old started quickly to grasp sounding words out. Now I'm using them as a bribe -- one video after one reading lesson in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and he's making quicker and easier progress than any of my other children (though he's also older than most of the others were when we started doing reading lessons).

  4. Amazon's Subscribe and Save and as a subset a free trial subscription to Amazon Mom. So far, I have subscriptions for pull-ups for my children who still wet the bed and diapers for the little ones, which at a 30% discount are a very good price (15% off for the subscription and 15% off for Amazon Mom). I also have signed up for a subscription for coffee and maple syrup. You can tell where my priorities lie. Keep the kids dry, the coffee cup full and the pancakes sweetened.

  5. Teaching Textbooks. I love having removed myself from math battles with my 8 year old. It's made a world of difference.

  6. Michael Clay Thompson's Language Arts Curriculum.When I read about this last year, it sounded like a great program for my 11 year old, who has always found such programs rather boring. He's excelling with this curriculum -- getting a great grasp of grammar, expanding his vocabulary and writing some funny poems.

What kinds of things have you found lately that are useful and interesting?


Diane said...

I love my ipod touch as well, though I use a different lists app.

Evernote - free and available for the touch - is also a lifesaver. It's also (free) on the PC, and can "clip" webpages, arrange notebooks...I use it for everything from sermon notes (taken on the touch during service)to craft ideas.

I both love and hate Netflix streaming video. Love the convenience, hate that I get caught up and spend too much time in front of the screen. I could put parental controls on the pc and lock myself out in the evenings, but it wouldn't do much good if I was the one setting them up, huh?

Jordana said...

I do like Netflix streaming a lot too. So far, I haven't used it excessively for myself, but I have let the kids watch way more videos than I ever used to.

Janis Gore said...

I'll tout the Chef's Choice Knife Sharpener.

We've had it for years, but only started keeping it on the counter about a year ago. It's no trouble at all to swipe the blades through the honer a couple of times for a good sharp blade every day.

We've put away the heavy Henckels and use this with light, inexpensive Forschner knives.

Emily J. said...

Just got an iphone. Still trying to figure it out. My 6 year old told me it stinks because I only have 5 apps, one being imissal. No fun for six yr olds! Will have to get an ereader app and grocery app and...

One thing I don't like: pullups for bedwetting.

Jordana said...

My kids generally wet the bed until age seven. Nothing seems to train them out of it. Waking them in the middle of the night doesn't work. Limiting fluids doesn't either. They sleep really deeply, and come by it naturally -- almost everyone on both sides of their family was a bedwetter. I've considered cloth soakers but have never bought any fir various reasons. Other than changing sheets every single day -- and I have enough of that even with pull-ups, I don't see any other options. Laziness wins for me on this one.

Kim said...

Jordana, we have issues with nighttime incontinence, too. My 10 yo still needs protection and my 17 yo is just finally getting over having an occasional accident. Hubs says he was the same way, so maybe it's hereditary.

Netflix, my love, my own! ;) It has Leap Frog videos! Most are not streaming, though. We got BOB to deal with too much tv. It's working really well for us and it controls the Wii, too!

mendy said...

I love the "spin pin"! I am curious about the "updo maker".

iMissal & iPieta apps. Both offer Church calendar, daily reading, and prayers.

iPieta also gives the Latin translation of the daily readings, includes the Bible (English & Latin), and a section called Veritas. Which includes a reference for the Saints, writing from Church Fathers, Popes and Saints. Along with a lot of other Church documents (and other things I haven't mentioned).

Unfortunately neither are free.

Jenny said...

We like Math Circus, Letter Factory and Talking Word Factory all from Leap Frog. We also like Flying Turtles (look at amazon). The kids got them for Christmas and love them.

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