Monday, April 04, 2011

Achoo. Pardon the Dust.

You don't sit down to blog for a few days and suddenly weeks have gone by. I have been mostly off the computer during the day and when I get on at night, I've been working on planning my curriculum wish-list for next year. I have learned to start planning early, because a lot of the good sales run in April or May, and I need to know what I want to buy in order to find those sales.  Add to that, that with time away I've felt like I've lost whatever little bit of a writing voice I had.

Life fills in all those "usually on the internet" spaces. Kids turn out to be far-sighted.

Toddlers dress themselves.

Lego competitions are carefully built for and entered, if not won.

Add in Stations of the Cross and other extras, and the days truly are full. The kids are finishing up their third quarter of the school year this week, next week will be field trip week, and then we'll take a spring break until after Easter.

I'll keep searching for my lost voice and perhaps be back sooner than you'd expect.


Rosario said...

Wow, those are great lego projects.

Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith said...

Welcome back! Our parochial school has a Lego Club after school. It is amazing what the kids are do!

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