Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conversations, Unedfiying but Amusing

Conversation #1
Location: Target walking past the undergarments

My two year old daughter points and shouts as we pass the particularly bright, colorful and skimpy stuff: Mom, you have some of those!!!

After hearing her shout it out a second time, since I tried to ignore the comment and keep moving, I respond: Yes, but not in those shapes or colors.

Two year old: Oh. But they are pwetty!

Conversation #2

Four year old:  Mom, how old are you?

Me: I'm getting really old.

Four year old suddenly looks as though he's about to cry: But Mom, when you get old, you die. If you are old, you're going to die. Who will take care of us?

I reassure him that I'm not planning an imminent demise, and let him know that several people would be willing to take care of him should that unlikely event take place any time soon.

Four year old, still looking sad, but somewhat less upset: Well, I don't think you're old anyway. Your hair isn't gray. When you have gray hair, you are old. And then you will die.

My apologies to all of you who went gray early, the four year old says you're doomed.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the idea of hair dye would do to the four year old's epistemology ;)

EK said...

I love how the little ones can never let it go until you clearly acknowledge what they have said. Especially in public! I think God has such a funny way of keeping parents humble:D

MrsDarwin said...

"When you have gray hair, you are old. And then you will die."

My time is up!

Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith said...

I'm in trouble. Fortunately, I dye my har so it doesn't count, right?

Crosby Kenyon said...

Doomed a long time ago.

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