Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Better Things Ahead

My oldest daughter is home from the hospital. Her lungs are sounding much clearer and she's full of her usual energy.  Actually, by the time I got to see her in the hospital on Friday, I could already tell she was feeling much better.  We went for a walk around the hospital and she posed for the picture above with dancing statues. Other than the hospital bracelet on one wrist and the IV heplock on their other, you'd never have known she was sick. She told the nurse that she'd taken a vote and that, "the disease lost." Although coughing a lot at that point, her snarkiness was back and I knew she was recovering.

All those prayers certainly helped, as well as the albuterol, oxygen and antibiotics they filled her up with.

As for the rest of the crew -- my oldest never got sick, my middle daughter got pneumonia as well, but not as bad, and the other three all got fevers but it didn't attack their lungs.

In the midst of all that, the radiator on my husband's car blew and our air conditioning went out, but everything is fixed now. We certainly got a big dose of misery all at once, but it is nice to be out from under the cloud for a few days and with the hope that the sun will shine for a while.

Two bright spots -- birthdays for my two youngest, who are now three and one!  I say it every year, but where does the time go?


Janis Gore said...

Good, good, good.

Diane said...

Everything always does happen at once. So very glad to hear everyone is on the mend. The birthday kids are adorable, and yes, it is hard to think that time is passing so quickly. After all, neither of us is over 25, right?

Nadja said...

So glad things are looking up!

melissa said...

What splendid news. But goodness...when did that J.H. get to be one? I blinked. He grew.

Hope you can all sleep better now. All is well. :)


Kim said...

Praise God that your family is doing better and that your daughter is home! It does seem like misery comes in clumps, doesn't it? Maybe it's the best way to learn endurance. But still no fun.

Yvonne said...

I haven't visited in awhile and could totally sympathize with your pnuemonia battle. We spent Jan & Feb (and part of March for me)as my 3 boys and myself all got it one. after. the. other. It was a long haul but it made me so grateful to live in the U.S. & have insurance, a car to get to the Drs & Walgreens. My "baby" just turned 5 Tuesday...where does the time go????

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