Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fourth Grade Booklist 2011-2012

Since I am nosy interested in other homeschoolers plans and booklists, I thought I'd go ahead and share mine. I hope all you find it interesting/useful.

  • Teaching Textbooks 4 (and moving on to 5 sometime next semester) This program took the fight out of math for us, which was great last year.
  • Life of Fred: Apples (While my oldest has used Life of Fred for a few years, this is the first year that there is a new set of books for younger kids. We're going to begin at the beginning, because a little fun review never hurts.)

Language Arts
  • Michael Clay Thompson's Island series for grammar, vocabulary, poetry, and some writing
  • Writing With Ease 3 I was very happy with this program last year and love the downloadable .pdf workbooks where all the lessons are planned out. Although one can also buy The Complete Writer book as a guide and choose your own lessons, which is cheaper, but not simpler.
  • Spelling Workout D
  • Various literature related to history, good books as well as some reading comprehension based on the Father Brown Reader and questions.


History & Religion


She'll use this for the first semester. In the second, I want to get into more specifics of where things are, but I haven't decided how to teach that yet.

Art & Music
  • I had planned on just using our collection of art books to do a little art history, but then I found this site and this site, which I may well use instead.

How will all this fit together? We'll also do circle time in the morning, which I have yet to map out for next year and here's a link to my first quarter lesson plans.


Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith said...

As always, I am in awe of your planning skills. Thanks also on the Catholic perspective in regards to the Reformation. I may be asking you some questions in a couple of years...

Lisa said...

Oh, oh, oh! I'm so glad you listed your curriculum! We are just changing over to Teaching Textbooks from Saxon, which has been a complete and utter DUD for our soon-to-be 5th grader. It was a leap into the unknown, based on the write-up we saw, but we were hopefulthat it would be more stimulating for our very visual, very girly, very non-math oriented daughter... This has been a succuss for you guys? I don't know anyone else who uses it!

Jordana said...

Yes, Teaching Textbooks was a big success for us last year. My daughter went from constant tears over math to telling people that math was her favorite subject. I hear it runs behind other math programs, so you definitely want to take the placement test to get the right level, but for my daughter, who is not particularly adept at arithmetic, it was about right for her.

All my kids loved watching her do lessons and asked to use Teaching Textbooks this year, although I opted not to use it for my oldest, to his disappointment.

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