Friday, July 22, 2011

Quick Takes in July


Yesterday morning, my newly minted three year old came down stairs and announced that she wanted to learn to use the potty. I hate potty-training, but I'll be happy to only have one child in diapers -- and she is three -- so I jumped on that. Though two pairs of wet underwear immediately after sitting with her on the potty for long stretches made me doubt myself.  So I did what any lazy brilliant mother of many would do -- offered to pay my 8 year old $5 if she takes her sister to the potty for me. I'm getting off cheap, and we've actually started making progress, because the 8 year old is far bossier than I am.

In the midst of pneumonia, potty training and the such like (I just love that Southernism), I've been in full school planning mode. First I decided to write my own history plans, which took over a month. Then I started planning the first quarter's schedule for the oldest, which took weeks. Yesterday, I started the schedule for my 4th grader and was done in hours. Does that mean when I get to the 2nd grader and preschoolers, the timing will drop to minutes and seconds? Some how I doubt it. I'll be posting lesson schedules for this year, as they develop.

It was so helpful to me to have them last year. We stayed on track, even when we got off schedule, and since I typed the schedule, rescheduling wasn't all that daunting a task.


Speaking of which, look in the links above for the name we finally decided on for our homeschool. The children are fine with St. Bede, but they disagree that they are wayward.  We have wanted to pick a saint for our school name for a while now, and nothing quite seemed to fit, until we finally remembered St. Bede. We are very fond of all things English. We are very fond of St. Benedict (and St. Bede was a Benedictine). I think he picked us. Now to make a good t-shirt design.


Have I mentioned that he's The World's Worst Baby? He's been walking since he was 11 months old and even before that climbing. He already can climb my very high bed, all chairs, etc. Fortunately for his head, he seems to be pretty decent at climbing down too.  Even the pediatrician noted the wicked gleam in his eye as he grinned at her.  And everyone thought my 4 year old was the wild one.
From early in the spring

My garden is terrible this year. It looks beautiful. My husband built lovely raised beds from our scrap lumber and has mulched everything well. But nothing is growing well. My tomatoes are doing terribly. The okra is growing, but not producing like usual. I got not a single zucchini before the squash borers killed the plants. It's been a frustrating year, and now it's so hot I don't even feel like tending to such recalcitrant plants.

When it is so hot outside or when your kids are really sick, I have been very glad to have Netflix. I'm very annoyed that they are raising their rates so dramatically, but it's been such a good thing to have at times -- and we aren't big TV watchers around here.  That said, my kids love Inspector Gadget cartoons, Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, and, of course, The Addams Family tv show -- so they always have something they actually can agree on watching, when I let them have video time.

A good friend of mine started a new blog about her preparations for a home atrium. So nifty.


Diane said...

I am in awe of anyone that can prepare a year's worth of lessons for kids for many levels, and then teach all of them. It certainly is a lot of work - but I bet it's a lot of fun as well.

Poor garden! It's been such an odd weather year, nothing is as it should be. I fully expect all grocery prices to take a leap upwards because of the extreme heat. Hoping I can still get some decent veggies at the Farmers' Market to freeze.

linda said...

Wow. Take 1. My heart would stop. Your religious outburst really had me cracking up.

Kathleen@so much to say said...

LOL! My tomatoes look great, but I am having to water them and the annuals every day to keep them alive in this oven that passes for a Missouri summer. Still waiting for the onslought of ripe tomatoes, though...

As for the baby...I sympathize. As you can tell if you read my QT post today. :/

Herb of Grace said...

I love that your eight year old is bossier than you are. :D Mine too, but I thought I was the only one :)

Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith said...

I am sorry to hear about all of your health woes, but I think it is a great idea having your 8 year old teach your 3 year old how to use the toilet. I am all about delegating.Is there I way I can subscribeto your blog with an email notification?

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