Monday, July 25, 2011

Sixth Grade Booklist 2011-2012

Since I am nosy interested in other homeschoolers plans and booklists, I thought I'd go ahead and share mine. I hope all you find it interesting/useful.


Language Arts
  • Michael Clay Thompson's Voyage series for grammar, vocabulary, poetry, and some writing (We used the Town level last year, and it was the first year that my oldest truly loved grammar. And he wrote some good poetry too.)
  • WriteShop (We haven't tried this one before, but so far I like the looks of it, once I figured out how it worked.)


History & Religion
  • It uses a lot of different books (probably too many, but we'll see how it goes). The main spine for my sixth grader will be A Light to the Nations.

This may be too easy for him, but since we did take a year off from Latin and since my brain can only handle scheduling one Latin class right now, he's going to be doing with his sisters. If it is way too easy, we'll either reconsider next semester or he can teach it for me.

"Mom, why'd you get a book to teach us how to argue?" As if they needed any help...

He'll use this for the first semester. In the second, I want to get into more specifics of where things are, but I haven't decided how to teach that yet.

Art & Music

How will all this fit together? We'll also do circle time in the morning, which I have yet to map out for next year and here's a link to my almost completed first quarter lesson plans (I haven't yet scheduled in logic, since the book arrived just today).

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