Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Theology According to My Four Year Old

My three year old and four year old got into the clean laundry and decked themselves out in my t-shirts. Then they started dancing and spinning while chanting, "Alleluia."

I was mostly ignoring them, but semi-watching the dancers with amusement, when my four year old son pulled out a book and started "reading:"

"Once upon a time, St. Jesus went to the Cross. They screwed him onto it. Then he went to a bed in a garden and he never ate or drank anymore, but now people eat him and drink his blood. Amen."

Then the two went back to dancing and singing. Alleluia.

We'll work on teaching them about the evils of liturgical dance another day.

Friday, August 05, 2011

The One Year Old

The one year old's Godfather demands to see pictures of him wearing his new birthday onesie. Note: he's been very cranky this week, since he's cutting several molars. Mostly, I've been seeing this side of him:

When he isn't screaming and/or clinging to my leg, he's usually doing this:

I'm sure you cannot imagine why we call him "The World's Worst Baby."

Quick Takes: Can I Dip the House in Bleach? Edition


All my happy thoughts that everything was better...Hmph. Since posting last, my oldest got pneumonia too. The youngest got swimmer's ear, though he hasn't been near the water. Wednesday my three year old got a 102 degree and was still running it when she went to bed on Thursday night. This summer shall be known in the family annuals as The Summer of Great Pestilence and Divers Maladies.


We started school anyway, doggone it. I am happy with the things the kids are doing, but I have chosen rather a lot of Mom-intensive materials. Which means the days are long, simply because they have to do a lot of things with me. My oldest also remarked today that while he so far likes the history program I laid out, it is in his words rather "rigorous." I did wonder as I was creating it if I was putting too much into some of the days, and now only a week or so into it, I can categorically say, "Yes." Revisions will follow.


The one year old, who could climb before he walked, now can climb on the dining room table, my  very high bed, and really any place he decides to climb. Nothing is safe.


As part of history, I have been reading a children's version of Beowulf to my second and fourth graders. My 4 year old son has been listening in. I asked the girls to illustrate a scene from the book and they both drew Beowulf ripping off Grendel's arm. Gruesome much? Then the four year old got out some paper and colored pencils and drew his version too. I'm not sure whether to be proud or worried that I've psychologically warped the children.


My three year old has fewer potty accidents than her almost five year old brother, and she's only been potty trained for a week and a half. What's up with that? Is this a common boy thing? My oldest child is a boy too, but being the oldest and just being who he is, these issues did not come up. My four year old just doesn't care all that much, and mostly gets ratted out by his siblings for smelling unpleasant, rather than being appalled by his own wet or stinky underwear.


Have a wonderful weekend and please throw in a prayer or two that my family will get out from under the cloud of disease eventually.

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