Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Days are Long

Although, I have recently been trying to remind myself that the years are short, too often I find myself stuck instead in the long days.

Last night my husband and I found ourselves awake at midnight putting our bedroom back together after a hard struggle with an awesome and gigantic wool rug, I'd snagged before it headed to the dumpster, because it was too big for the spaces in which people needed a rug. So I didn't start off the day with a full complement of sleep.

Naturally, the baby has a fever and doesn't want to be put down. The oldest is mad at me for not buying him the math program he really wanted to use, and the kids in between are all really loud.

I long for peace and quiet. I hear that some day the kids grow up, move out and you long for a little noise. Right now I could just do with a nap.

Instead I'll just keep repeating,"Bedtime isn't so far away."


Andy said...

Perhaps some Gregorian chant?

Anonymous said...

The days _are_ long and any mother who doesn't sympathize with you has a terribly short and convenient memory.

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